Picking Up Hot Women

Welcome and, thanks for landing on this site.

This site is about The Players Journey through learning the art of Picking up hot women.

In particular this site is about my journey through Cold Approach Pickup.

Also known as the Venusian arts.

The Venusian arts (the Art of Love) are the arts of picking up a woman you had not previously met and successfully beginning an intimate relationship with her.

“While your primary purpose in life is to survive, your secondary purpose is to replicate”.

“Your motives in this life are simple but not simplistic: to live and love.”

Quote ‘The Mystery Method’

Join me on the journey to becoming a pickup artist. It will change your life.

About me:

Australian Daygamer.

Older guy, following in the footsteps of the London Daygamers.

Inspired by Nick Krauser’s blog.

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I had my best day out doing Daygame yesterday. Had a stunning girl on an idate and, k closed her. I just wanted to write about the things I learnt from the idate. What I learnt from nature is the concept of pair bonding. E.g when you see a bird in your backyard for the … Continue reading Proximity

Sexual Tension

This is my first post in a while so apologies. Just been working and, doing lot’s of Front Stops 😁 Had some dates with some stunners. I’ve also been trying to maintain or up my value (artificially inflate it thru game). I was also trying out some Mode 1 stuff over the phone for the … Continue reading Sexual Tension


About developing feelings for a single girl. Covering the ‘Golden rule’ for relationships.


About on a date, when a girl reframes you.

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