My First Post

I start this blog at set 186. This blog is for the aspiring daygamer who has not done many sets and, wants to follow in my footsteps from a newb.

To acknowledge first our forefathers that come before us; Nick Krauser BIG SHOUT OUT to him, Steve da Jabba THE NATURAL, and Tom Torero for da FUNDAMENTALS.

Abit about me; Aussie from down under, not literally ; get the pun.

Melbourne, Australia.

Aspiring daygamer, following in the footsteps of the Poms (an Englishman).

My successes so far: close but no cigar, all around it thanks to Steve da Jabba’s advice.

Met heaps of hotties, got 7 no.s, no dates yet but working on it.

My bio: 39 yrs old, bald white guy, tall, lanky, single.

End of first post, will keep you posted on how my 7th phone no. pans out )

Hottie from the weekend with a wing in a 2 set (pic below)

Similar to her but with big tits.