Daygame makes you better

I was thinking about what Navy Seal guy Jocko Willink said;

“Discipline equals freedom”.

Let’s apply that truth to game. You embrace pain and suffering through hard workouts to up or maintain your SMV (sexual market value).

You go to bed early and, get up early to be consistent with your workouts (P.T) (physical training).

This discipline not only ups your value for game but makes you more productive in other areas of your life.

You embrace discomfort and, blowouts from pickup far easier.

You are more consistent at Opening sets. You will automatically without thinking to much about it, Open more sets.

Your more horny from working out, so you overcome AA (approach anxiety) easier.

End result: you get more idates, numbers.

Leads to more dates and, the abundance mentality from spinning more plates (aknowledge Rollo Tomassi – plate theory).

To sum it up in a nutshell;

Discipline = freedom

Go put in the hardwork fellas.

Does he look like his working hard