There are 2 things you must do that help you Open consistently.

1. Workout everyday: This get’s you out of the house away from your smart phone device.

It also get’s you out of your head so you stop thinking about shit.

Gives you confidence to Open because you know your working on your SMV (value).

Gives you adrenaline which you need for energy to deal with the act of face to face meetings with girls. There’s something slightly confrontational in a non confrontational way when talking to someone you just met face to face. Must be AA (approach anxiety).

2. Don’t watch porn.

Not watching porn leads to having the urge to jerk off less.

This leads to being more horny and, overcoming AA easily.

You end up Opening girls more frequently.

The end result should be 30 to 50 approaches a week.

Happy hunting.

Don’t you wish you had this! Then Open some more sets you pussy.