Score card from New years eve sarge

Pushed for an Instant date, went well, number closed. She responded to feeler text the next day.

Young asian chick HB8, had a boyfriend, I plowed alittle. 5 minute set, close but no cigar on idate close and, number close. Pushed for facebook. Said “I won’t tell him, if you don’t” and, winked at her. No success.

HB8 in her mid 20’s smoking and, waiting for a taxi outside station. Same outcome as above. Both sets loved my teasing etc etc. This girl thanked me sincerely for the compliment as I walked away. Close but no cigar.

Opened and number closed ordinary Philippino girl at train station as I got home. Sent feeler text the next day at lunch time. She responded.

Score card summary: 2 numbers and 1 idate. Both on and, in play. Will keep you posted with outcomes.

Stay thirsty my friends )