Thursday’s Score Card

Was sarging with a mate and, he number closed for the first time. Was good to see. He was on a mental high after that and, started opening every gorgeous young thing we came across.

I was getting a bit jealous but that’s a good thing.

I was struggling with alot of married women. I was sarging during office hours so I was coming across more of them. Lot’s of it’s On sets thou, very good.

Toward’s the end of the day near the end of a 4 hour sarge, I got an IOI green light from a young stunner from across the street.

Like a lion I went after her and did a front stop. She loved it. Had a 7 minute kooing giggling and, flirtatious set. Number closed her and, was on my way.

That set blew my mind and, I was on a mental high after that. Made the entire days work worthwhile.

Similar to her but younger