Deep Rapport

My date the other night, was like this but with red wine.

Hi again my friend, my fellow daygame brother.

Some golden nuggets for you to takeaway from today’s lesson, or should I say masterclass.

I had 3 dates on the weekend with 3 differen’t girls.

I ran deep rapport on them and, discovered something, another glitch in the matrix?!

Step 1: You run the ‘questions game’.

Step 2: Through the questions game you ask about ‘how many different types of faces they have?’ within any given month.

I noticed this topic get’s the women really, really interested in chatting with you about their many different faces or masks one wears in daily life.

I noticed they also instantly trust you after that.

The reasoning for asking such a question is that women are probably 4 different types of personalities in any given month.

Why you ask?……

Thr reasoning or theory is that they have 4 different phases in their ovulation cycle and, thus feel differently about themselves with each change in their cycle.