Hi there Daygame maniacs,

I’ve had 6, 1st dates and, 2 second dates thus far.

I know where I’m falling short as a novice inspired taking relentless action daygamer?!


Step 1: Approach (Need to do more numbers 30 – 50 front and, side stops)

Step 2: Don’t hide your dick (tick)

Step 3: Close strong (sometimes I eject half way thru the set when they say they have to go)(Tom Torero close “You gotta go, I gotta go…”)

Step 4: Text (tick)

Step 5: Escalate to kiss on date (Thighs, shoulders – Fingers – ear lobes, hair – floppy test – kiss) acknowledge Krauser.

Lead home.

Fractionate LMR.

My friends.