Any Given Saturday

Did 22 sets, half side stops, half front.

AA hit that for six (cricket term), felt invisible by the end of the day.

Did the Tiger eyes, Maradona move, Torero toe, Steve Jabba touch, kino’d on 2 solid sets, 1 was an Instant date.

Kino ladder:

Hair, fingers, compare hand sizes, compare tans, ear lobes, shoulder, upper arm, and floppy test.

Used the “Gotta keep my eyes up” credit Krauser, she giggled, she loved it.

Used the ‘good girl, bad girl’ credit Krauser. She absolutely loved it.

Closed on “should go out for a drink”, sexual intent credit Krauser.

Summary: Went R selection game today, didn’t hide my dick, filtered out K selection girls.

Was fucking great : )

Just like that movie ‘Anygiven Saturday’, gotta fight for every inch and, anything can happen on any given Sunday’ (Saturday).

She’s cheering you on…just put it in the hole.