Predictions in Set

Hi there,

Another post from down under, not literally hehe ; )

I was sarging the other day and, had tested ‘Krauser’s in set predictions post’.

How to predict what the outcome would be, here’s my experience;

1. Time in set 10 seconds – 2 minutes = Not attracted to you, not available (has boyfriend etc)

2. Time in set 3 – 4 minutes, struggling to get to the 5 minute mark = Not attracted to you, is available.

3. Time in set 5 + minutes, but has to go, has a boyfriend etc = Sexually attracted to you, but not available.

4. Time in set 5 + minutes, comes on an Instant date or gives you her number = Sexually attracted to you, and available.

Conclusion: Most of my sets are either blow outs or in the no. 3 category. I will usually hit category no. 4 on my 12th 13th or 15th set.

If you have to get a facebook or instagram from her on a 5 + minute set then chances are she’s taken but has one foot out the door so to speak.

On other news I had a date 1 the other night and, physically escalated to the kiss in a dark alley way : )

Won’t go into details but to say, thank god for Day Game. Credit ‘London Day Game Model’ Nick Krauser, Tom Torero, Steve Jabba.

Pickup from weekend Sarge, Columbian chick, tight ass in tight black jeans ; )

Not her but close.