Dichotomy between Sex and, Love

Hi there committed Daygamer,

I just had my first +1 on the weekend. I won’t go into the details but just to say yeah Daygame works.

What I learnt from the total experience of doing Daygame to get the lay is that Daygame is hard work.

I think the thing that keeps me going in Daygame to plough on through the rejection’s and, failures is the bigger picture.


To serve ‘love’. When I lead with love it makes my vibe better for teasing and, challenging. It makes the dates better. It gives you a reason to push through to the first 1 – 4 opens then stick with it for the next hour or two.

It basically gives you a big reason to do Daygame consistantly over a long period of time.

This brings me to the dichotomy of seeking sex first (R select game) not love.

What happens is when you vibe of love but present yourself as the R select guy for casual sex it ultimately leads to love after the sex is done and, dusted (after the +1).

So here is the irony of it all, if you present yourself as K select (nice guy beta male) you don’t get rewarded by the girl which is ‘love’. Obviously this is a romantic view most guys dream up in their thick skulls.

But here’s the thing, if you lead with R select (casual sex only), you end up with a choice of showing love afterwards or just making it a one night stand.

Put simply, the girl rewards you and, wants to lock you down for love or I could be wrong, provider status?!

Who knows!

Like a rubics cube for every 1 problem you solve, you create another two or three or four!!!

But I got the +1 and, that’s all that matters right.

Sex or Love?!

2 thoughts on “Dichotomy between Sex and, Love

  1. Went indirect direct in a supermarket at around 8pm on a Thursday night. That’s when you will find the single ladies looking for R select.


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