Texting class 101

Hi Gents,

This is what I’ve learnt from flakes over text;

If the girl is interested in you then she will text you back. Pretty basic right?

This is where the discipline and, skill of dealing with flaking and, one’s own affection addiction comes in!

Going radio silent over the text works wonders. Don’t vacuum 2 weeks as is not strong enough. Princess behaviour shall be treated with a 1 month vacuum.

Only do a 1 week vacuum off a feeler text if you have to.

If you’ve affected the girl heavily in anyway like for e.g sending a pic of you having coffee with a girls hand in the photo ping (jealousy plot) then she will call you to complain and, bitch to you. Good sign 😊

The sad news is that if she doesn’t text you back off the feeler text then it means she doesn’t fancy you.

If there has been some pinging going back and, forth and, then she drops of the radar, means she has shacked up with a fella.

If she’s pinging back but won’t come out on a date then it means she’s a timwaster and, your k select to her. No polarity, set was fucked from the beginning. (happens if you do k select sets. R select sets will screen against these types).

Good polarity.