What makes a man Alpha?

Hi there game enthusiast.

I think I know now what makes women see you as alpha. That is the bad boy they want to f@$k.

This is my no bullshit interpretation of it from over 700 approaches or daygame sets.

It’s not seeking affection from the girl.

You might ask, well how the f@$k does that work?!

Let me explain,

Girls sense instinctively when she wants to give affection because she’s looking for a provider (beta) male.

Guys fall into her web like a fly in a spiders web quit easily most of the time.

Why?!   Because most guys give affection to the girl hoping and, thinking that she will automatically reciprocate by giving affection back.

It’s a flawed piece of thinking most guys have because they want a mother figure in their lifes.

Let me school you in on some biological truths about the universe.

Women give affection to attract a provider male.

Men provide and, women dole out the sex accordingly to keep the beta guy providing.

Women are said to have a dual mating strategy. That is to f@$k the guy/s with the right DNA while at the same time doling out the blow jobs to the k select (beta) husband/boyfriend for mowing the lawn on the weekends.

Tom Torero and, Nick Krauser are authorities on this subject matter to reference my point of view as well as my own experience infield.

The chemicals you seek just like a drug addict are as follows;

Sex = Serotonin release in your brain

Affection = Oxytocin

That’s right, women are drug dealer’s and, they dole out one or the other hits according to their dual mating strategy.

My theory is this;

If you go Fuck buddy (bad boy alpha dna sport fuck) you can’t go down to beta provider later.

If you go nice guy beta provider, you can’t go up later to alpha fucks (Rollo Tomassi coined term).

You have a choice, either you choose Affection drug hit or you go with Alpha fucks drug hit.

You can’t have both.

Another point to add, when you give affection to the girl, she sees you as week minded and, automatically puts you in the beta box.

The answer if you want to come across as alpha fucks is to follow Alan Roger Currie’s advice, that is “No Free Attention”.

Withdraw attention from women and, they will find you more sexually attractive, guaranteed.

They see you as strong willed and, wanna give it up to the strong minded guy.

It’s my conclusion that it is the strong minded guy that women find Alpha.

As Rollo Tomassi says all the time, “Beta bucks….Alphas fuck!”.

True fact of life from a wise man.

Maybe that’s what alpha looks like?!