High Value Women

I know this post is going to piss off some daygamers in the daygame community especially the pro’s but I’m gonna write my thoughts as honestly and, accurately as possible.

After doing around 700 daygame sets both K and R select, this is what I think….

Daygame is Mode 2 (google Alan Roger Currie). Whether you do K or R select game, it will only get you a girl who is at your SMV level or lower.

So if your a 7 in the SMP, your results will be 7’s and lower. If you do the numbers and, strike gold you might get an 8.

Steve Jabba said in one of his paid subscription tutorials that to paraphrase him “you have to break the girl, go in harder and, be more dominant if she is a brassy club girl v’s a shy student lets say” .

He was refering to verbal esculation but only fourth wall’ing it and, stopping short of being direct and, overt sexually given the ‘social context’ or “being socially intelligent”.

I agree upto a point.

This is where Mode 1 comes into play. To break the girl you must go mode 1.

If you want women 2 points above your SMV and, after casual sex then you have to go Mode 1 (See Alan Roger Currie).

Otherwise Daygame is a grind and, hardwork for a girl that’s equal value or below.

Just my thoughts and, nothing more.