Mode One; Alan Roger Currie

I want to start off by saying that the objective of this post is to challenge Pickup Artists to read the book:

‘Mode One, Let the women know what your really thinking.’

A serious Daygamer should consider the concepts in this book and, compare it to their own experiences to interactions they have had with women through Daygame.

I think that if a man grows some BIG BALLS and, does Mode One in PRIVATE then it would dispell the misbelieve from Tom Torero that to paraphrase his words ‘Women will punish men who use Overt and, direct communication about wanting sex’.

I think Daygame teaches you how to read a women’s subcommunication (mainly eyes) and, body language.

This is to see if her behaviour is congruent to the likelihood of having sex with you.

The downside to Daygame is that it teaches a man to talk to much which kills sexual attraction.

The only Pickup Artist that comes close to creating sexual attraction towards a women is Steve Jabba.

He talks about crossing the line with sexual tension.

Parroting and, Vacuuming as the ‘push’ right at the beginning of the set.

Phsyical compliance tests to see if she is off or on in regards to the likelihood of sex.

Daygame although good in it’s application, lacks that knock out punch so to speak.

Something is missing, a piece to the puzzle maybe.

That something maybe ‘Mode One, Let the women know what your really thinking’.

That’s the bloke there.