Kill Your Inner Beta

This post is going to be about the section in Rollo Tomassi’s book ‘The Rationale Male’ “Kill your inner beta”.

I think Daygame is all about addressing this very issue. I’ve met a few guys over 1 year now who try Daygame and, fail or give up for whatever reason unknown.

I know from first hand experience that most guys are pussies and Beta as fuck.

Most guy’s I’ve met who do or tried Daygame cannot peel back those ‘layers to the onion’ so to speak.

This is where I’m at with my Daygame skills set:

1. Read the subs, is On / or Off (1 in 4 is On sexually)

2. Physical compliance tests (to confirm the subs at step 1. On / Off sexually)

3. Tease and, challenge (assumption plus stack, comfort and qualification)

Does she hang around for upto 5 minutes?

4. If you have all 3 previous steps ticked off then step 4 is “Verbal Overt Direct Communication”.

This is where I think “Mode One” comes into it.

Start of from PG-13 language and, work your way upto R rated, xxx rated language. “From 0 to 100 km’s per hour slowly” so to speak.

5. Close for number of course.

My game is at step 4. Currently working on that part. At the moment I’m at PG-13 language.

I will let you know what the results are as I improve on this step.

Currently as I write this post, My city ‘Melbourne’ is in lockdown. It’s always in fucking lockdown cause of the virus.

Waiting for these shitty Labour party hacks in the State Parliament to lift the lockdowns.

Will be back at it again Sarging at some point.

Chow for now you Beta pussies. If your not then follow my blog. Otherwise fuck off and, take the blue pill.

Just something to look at?!