This post is going to be about the “Proximity compliance test”.

I think every experienced Daygamer knows about the ‘Torero Toe’, closing the Proximity gap between you and, her on the street.

This compliance test is a crucial tell of whether the girl is sexually On or Off.

This test being part of R select game, get Daygame Overkill from Nick Krauser. By far still the best material out there for Daygame.

What I wanted to talk about in this post is why going “Mode One” in the street might not be that advantageous to you but, why going “Mode One” over the voice ping might be.

First off, I think some guys know that chicks dig “Assholes”.

Going “Mode One” over the voice ping once she has responded to your feeler text is a great way to be an ‘Asshole’.

It also tests to see which Archetype of girl your dealing with.

Is she a Time waster, or Pretender.

You already know she’s not a rejector because she responded to your feeler text. You ran R select game, you burst the love bubble and, then she responded. Box ticked.

Leaves you with in my experience either a Cock teasing time waster or a Pretender.

What’s a Pretender you ask?!

A girl who roots but hides the fact due to her reputation, or makes out she only does in Monogamy.

How to tell?

She deals with your Mode One behaviour directly. She’s a pretender. Box ticked.

She deals with your Mode One behaviour indirectly. She’s a Cock teaser.

How do you know? When she changes the subject matter to something else.

Okay let’s say she’s On. She will have a forebrain, hindbrain conflict.

According to Alan Roger Currie, author of Mode One, she will spazz out in either two ways. She will get really angry at first and, call you names or, she will laugh and giggle until she explodes.

Now here’s the Boomerang test. She might stop talking to you for a bit. If she comes back to you, days, weeks, or even months later then you have the fish hooked.

You skip the dating process and, go straight to meeting up for fucking.

So how does Daygame fit into all this?

Because of Proximity, the girl might feel unsafe in person with Mode One but, over the phone the Proximity is taken away and, her safety in her mind might not be such an issue now.

How to go Mode One over the phone?

I recommend reading “Oooooh…. Say it Again” by Alan Roger Currie.

That book is Highly recommended.

Just my thoughts.

The book cover.