The Daygame Gods

Did a set this morning at around 10am. Was a fucking solid set. Tight game, as tight as can be.

She responded to the feeler text. Currently in progress, will keep you updated as to wether I fuck it up or not.

I think it looks like a set of glory, a possible +2 on the way.

I think the Daygame gods have smiled upon me today and, I must say could be because of Nick Krauser’s book “Daygame Infinite”.

I will do a book review on it once I have finished reading it.

The main takeaway I learnt today is always concentrate on the most important thing in set….the meat and, potatoes.

The Assumption and, Stack. Say what you see and, be spontaneous about it.

And, hopefully the Daygame gods will smile upon you.

Don’t forget to run some comfort and, qualification after that.

That should be tight as fuck game as you’ll ever get. 5 – 10 minutes in set.

For tight game.