The Mystery Method

I had a 4 – 5 hour 1st date the other night.

I come to realise the importance of ‘comfort building’ while running physical compliance tests.

The physical compliance tests are to spike things up and, to see where you are in set.

The Mystery Method book refers to this concept as “the game is played in comfort”.

Meaning that you need to spend between 4 to 10 hours of time on building comfort. The average being 7 hours.

The seduction stage cannot begin until the comfort stage has finished and, you have built enough comfort.

The M3 sequencing model is as such;

1.Attraction 2.Comfort 3.Seduction

The model based on science is linear and, any attempts to do them out of sequence will result in the following;

1.Attraction 3.Seduction =Buyers remorse

1.Attraction 2.Comfort =Friendzone

2.Comfort 3.Seduction =Bitch shield

3.Seduction =Foolsmate

Which brings me to the conclusion that mode one is limited because it’s foolsmate.

Unless mode 1 is done after enough comfort has been built and, would form part of seduction.

Thoughts on the date?…..she was fucking ‘hot to trot’ šŸ˜‰

Very powerful stuff.