Girl no.9 Date

Picked her up at a Melbourne Central mall. She was a HB7 Chinese girl around her mid 20’s.

Ran the usual set. Short floppy hand hold, closed her out for Instant cohee date.

Ran deep rapport on date. She wouldn’t open up. She reminded me of a chinese communist, very serious in her demeanor but, she was good looking and, I fancied her.

Bounced her to a park for some comfort then, bounced her past a pub bar. I said “that looks interesting, let’s take a look”.

She hesitated at first but then complied. I bought the first round of drinks. Proximity for the seating was off. I kino’d a little, she was on and, off with indicators of interest.

Didn’t know what to do after that as I was new. From that date, I had learned how to lead and, bounce from Venue 1 to Venue 2 and, a park in between. All on an Instant date from a street stop.

I was kino’ing too. My ‘Jedi’ skills where getting better. I was learning to feel the ‘Force’ more.

I was starting to internalise my ‘London Daygame ModeI’ skill set.

But I am not a ‘Jedi’ yet!

Got a good response on the feeler text, but then she flaked later when I fourth walled my intent over the text.

Maybe she had a fella, maybe she was K-k select (K, leaning more towards k’ ish rather then more r’ ish).

Never heard from her again.

Feeling high value!