Blue Pill guys

I was Daygaming yesterday and I, ran into a guy I knew from when I was 16.

Anyways we start talking about the past, present etc and, I drop in at the end of the conversation that I do Daygame.

He soughtta knows a tiny bit about this stuff. He points to this YHT and, indicates what about her.

So I approach, do my thing. It was a cold approach and, a I got politely rejected but I hang on for a little bit with some teasing and, challenging.

After the set I go back to him and, he talks to me for a little bit and, asks me some questions about it all.

Like what did you say, how do you do that etc.

He then says to me “how do you think she felt about a complete random stranger approaching her…who she doesn’t know?”.

I didn’t really answer him. I just kept the chit chat polite.

The point is this; Tom Torero talks about empathy for women in one of his video products and, how it’s a mating strategy used by nice guys.

Tom goes onto talk about how women are not attracted to empathy. Instead their attracted to guys who are selfish and, freely emote how they feel. Not giving a shit about what her or others think. It’s a dominant trait Tom goes onto say.

Most men believe in being self effacing and, empathetic with women. They believe it’s a winning strategy. ‘Winner winner chicken dinner’.

Tom says “nice makes girls sick”.

Anyways these are my thoughts on an interaction I had with a typical blue pill beta and, how most guys are like him.

That’s the reason why guys are loosing the war to nazi feminists and, fascist men alike.

Can I drink your bath water?!