No kiss

Was sarging on the Saturday.

Got a solid number feeler reply and, an Instant date. Iranian girl, looked 19 – 21, was actually 36. Blew my mind.

She had all the ovulating signs on the pre-approach checklist.

Hooked and, had a 10 minute interaction in the street.

Pulled her for a 20 minute cohhee. Ran some verbal escalation on her. Ran some kino on her.

Walked her to the park. Ran some more verbal escalation.

Then walked her to a English style pub. I realize women try to put me in the boyfriend box when I run deep connection material. So on this date I tried to keep it in the man-women frame by verbally escalating.

Lead her to the second alcohol venue. This one was darker etc.

She bought the second round. The house wine was shite by the way. Ran some compliance and, tried for the floppy test but the seating was fucked.

I whispered into her ear that I wanted to kiss her, but no success. Tried twice over the space of 15 minutes.

Walked her back to the station after that and, bailed on her half way. Said I have to meet someone but another time etc (number close).

She tried to snatch the frame back by that stage by saying that she was looking for a relationship.

I said I’m only looking for something casual.

We did the pleasantries, no number, and parted ways.

Lessons learnt;

1. Realized that women will close the proximity on you as she starts to feel more comfortable with you. Happened on the second alcohol venue.

2. It’s a verbal silent wrestling match on the verbals. Frame battle.

3. The furtherest I’ve been on running the train for an SDL.

4. Had no F location between the coffee date and, walk in the park.

Overall, I’m hooking 1 / 3 sets.

I’m Instant dating or number closing 1 / 6 sets.

And, I’m doing Attraction on street and, Seduction on date.

Overall BIG improvement on my skills set from 6 months ago.

You learn from the pain that comes from failure and, it makes you sharper in your skills set.

Just something to look at and, Persian. The ayatollahs would be pissed!