Lessons Learnt

This post is going to be about lessons Iearnt from Daygame.

I like to get straight to the point, no waffle, so here it goes;

1. I don’t do coffee daytime dates. I’v never been laid of one. They always, all seem to be Timewaster’s. The girl usually filter’s you for boyfriend box. You usually don’t get a second date.

2. Night dates is were it is at. If a girl decides to meet you for a date after the sun goes down, then there’s a high degree or possibility that she’s thinking of Dick.

There’s just something about meeting the girl when it’s night time as opposed to day time.

3. I don’t do Steve Jabba game as it’s to much sexual tension during the day on the street or in a shop. I think girls during the day who might be up for it want discretion. They don’t want other’s watching them as they get hit on in public. They want “plausible deniability” as Nick Krauser always says. I think he is 100% spot on.

4. I run the standard Daygame stuff but with Eye fucking, hand shake and, closing the proximity on a maybe or yes girl. That works and, is proven in my experience.

5. Over the text I push twice and, pull once as a ratio until she comes out on a date. I’m looking for girls who invest over the text.

Girls who don’t invest are most likely got another dude their interested in. You can’t convince them to come of the fence by pulling. I’ve never had any luck with these types. Your just wasting your time. They cannot be had full stop.

6. I’m not afraid to use NLP over the text. I notice it filters out girls who are not sexually up for it. And for the one’s that are, they respond really well to NLP. They LOVE it 😁

7. When I meet them for the first time on the first date at night, I don’t say much. I just hold both hands, eye fuck them, wait for their eyes to look down at my lips, she usually then looks away then looks back and, BAM go in for the kiss. This move right at the beginning of the night date will let you know pretty quickly wether the girl is tooling you or not.

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I’m turning into Hugh Hefner slowly!