Charm + Charisma and Vibe

What I noticed about alot of my Daygame sets is this;

Women who responded to my teasing and, challenging and, good vibe, where more genuine and honest with me on dates and, over texts.

I think they liked me for me. Not for anything else. That’s why they came out on a date with me.

The sets were I up’d the sexual tension e.g more SOI’s, more Kino, did less charm and, charisma, I got more timewasters. I got financial timewaster types. I sometimes got girls who wanted a relationship. Sometimes I got girls who just wanted free attention.

I think the difference in outcome is obvious.

When I up’d the charm and, vibe and, did less sexual tension, I noticed the women that came out on those dates where more real and, authentic. I got less timewaster types.

3 SOI’s is about right. 4 to 5 is too much sexual intent.

Light kino’ing is about right. Maybe 2 – 3 light touches. Not 5 – 6.

Kino’ing that works on the street:

Hand shake

Touch fingers light

Touch hair light only if she’s shown signs of attraction through her body language.

Hand lightly on upper arm for 1.5 secs. 2 -3 seconds if she has shown signs of attraction.

Touch jacket lightly if she has shown signs of attraction.

Statements of Interest / Intent may include:

“You look very, very nice”

“You have nice eyes….nice hair”

On close “I like your….(figure / hips / legs / look etc)”

Elvis the pelvis had heaps of it. Charm and charisma!

2 thoughts on “Charm + Charisma and Vibe

  1. Rare is a gamer who admits that the nature of charisma/charm/vibe during a set can be quite subjective.
    A girl who likes you from the get go is the true gem of game: she perceives you as having these qualities despite the social convention(s) claiming otherwise.


  2. I think Tom Torero is right about girls will fuck charm + charisma. Nick Krauser is right about VIBE based game is the holy grail of chatting up a bird.


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