The Bird Song

Key moments in a pickup attempt.

1. Chance meeting. It’s what a girl wants. “We just met by chance. What are the chances” = Front stop.

2. Using your eyes to fuck the girl in the street = Eye mesmer.

3. Romance. “I want to be romanced” = Sexually desire me in the most covert way possible so no one knows but you and, me.

4. I want a man = Lead, bounce, lead, lead, bounce.

5. I think his right for me = Attraction is in the push. 2 pushes and, 1 pull over the text messaging.

6. Comfort building = Physically escalate. 2 steps forward, 1 step back.

7. “We are not gonna have sex” = Tell me verbally that you don’t want me sexually. I’ll then probably jump your bones.

8. “It just happened” = Not my fault we had sex. It was natural. It was by chance. It just happened!

The dance between man and, women.

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