The Ups and, downs of Game

This post is going to be about the grind of game.

These are biological truths about game that I have experienced infield and, from reading literature about it. Mainly literature from Krauser and, Torero.

Fact No. 1

When you cold / warm approach you will find that most women are not attracted to most guys. I found the ratio to be 3 out of 4.

Fact No. 2

For the girls that are attracted to me. That is 1 out of 4, most are not available. Some are on the fence with their current boyfriend partner etc. Only a small number of those attracted girls are available.

Fact 3

Those attracted girls who are available need some comfort time. Every girl has a different level of time needed in comfort. You have to assess how much time you need to spend with the girl on an individual basis.

Fact 4

Off the 3 out of 4 that are not attracted. There is a greater number of those girls who are available then the ones who are attracted and, available.

Fact 5

Out of every 4 girls that are attracted, 1 is aroused. Half of these 1’s who are aroused are not available. The other half are available. SDL’s, SNL’s and, SDDL’s are possible if you can pick the girl that is aroused and, available.

The ratios:

15 sets. 3 attracted girls. 1 aroused girl.

2 not available or maybe 1 is not available and, 1 is.

Of the aroused girls, 1 aroused girl is or is not available.

Comment below if your ratios differ or are about the same.

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