Less is more

One of the things I’m starting to realise with women is the concept of ● Less is more.

● Social comes before sexual

● Comfort comes before Seduction

● When you spike infer it. 2 x Comfort 1 x spike = 2 steps backwsrds, 1 step forwards

● Seduction stage 2 x spike 1 x Comfort = 2 steps forwards, 1 step backwards

● Speak less. Parrot and Vacuum more especially on dates

● Do Deep connection before Seduction

● Hold the frame. Don’t lean in. Turn of.

● I.O.D before you I.O.I

Infer your intent, don’t go overt.

Etc. You get the point.

Boy girl syndrome. Boy rejects girl, girl chases boy.

A date 3 the other day.

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