Secret Tells

I’ve been doing Pickup Artistry through Daygame for about 3 years now. I have learnt and internalised the London Daygame Model.

Here’s what I have learnt from chatting up women during the day.

Girls communicate in a secret language cloaked in logic and, rationale but it’s far from it.

Their language is abit like Morse code. To use the e.g each series of taps represents a coded message. A message that I as a guy have to figure out. Maybe like a riddle.

Communicating with women is like learning a new language.

It’s taken me 3 years to learn it.

The trick to learning this new secretive language is to learn and do the London Daygame Model over and over again. At least 1000 sets it takes before shit starts dawning on you.

Here are some e.g’s of some secret tells ;

● Girls eyes sparkle and crackle in set

● She allows the space to be encroached

● She allows incidental light touching

● She asks you a question

● She giggles and, laughs during the set

● She invests during the set and over texts

Steve Jabba who is a legend in the Pick Up Artist world calls this “The Secret Society”.

Over the texting it’s similar. That is the secret language they speak.

For e.g a girl says “I’m looking for a boyfriend” decoded means ‘I’m looking for trust and connection’.

I could go on at length with more e.g’s.

The answer to all your problems with women is to practice and nail the ‘London Front Stop’.

The Tom Torero version works the best. You wheel around the girl slowly from a distance. Abit like a boomarang slowly spinning into the front position of the girl.

Anyways give it a go. Good luck 😊

Me decoding their language!


There are some basic truths, I’ve learnt from chatting up women on the street.

The power of subcommunication. Being in the moment with your thoughts and, expressing them through the implied.

That authenticity or spontaneity is your VIBE.

Underneath that is your STATE.

Clearing your mind of the past and future. Expressing whatever comes into it in that moment is key.

The moment comes and the moment goes. A new moment comes and it goes again. You have to let go of that fleeting moment and embrace the new one just as quickly as the old one came and went. This is called being in the now. Being in the moment.

I noticed that women are designed to read facial expressions far better than men.

I think women are attracted to men who have the look of ‘now’.

This is the basis of attraction.

Think a wicked thought about her as you look into her eyes. See that thought crystalize in her eyes. Thats without saying anything.

If you have to say something sexual, infer it. Inference is more powerful then stating it.

Let her draw her own conclusions. Let her imagination run wild. It will do all the work for you. She will then connect those fantasies to you.

Remember, inference is King.

The I date that ended in a K close.


I had my best day out doing Daygame yesterday.

Had a stunning girl on an idate and, k closed her.

I just wanted to write about the things I learnt from the idate.

What I learnt from nature is the concept of pair bonding. E.g when you see a bird in your backyard for the first time they tend to run away. As time goes on and, you continue to see the same bird I noticed that they start to come closer.

They even start to hang out with you when your around.

It’s because they are pair bonding with you and thus trust you.

You see this with pigs and sheep on farms. If they are together long enough they become a herd. Best mates

I think Men and Women are the same. So what I do is walk the girl from the pickup location to the coffee shop. From the coffee shop to the park. From the park to the alcohol venue etc.

As you do this I noticed the girl starts to accept you more. She is pair bonding with you from walking with you. You lead and she follows. Just like walking a dog. To clarify girls are not dogs by the way. You get my point.

Then you can start the hands, isolation, k close process.

Just be aware not to go past the point of no return. Refer to The Mystery Method book on this point.

The texting that followed.

Sexual Tension

This is my first post in a while so apologies. Just been working and, doing lot’s of Front Stops 😁

Had some dates with some stunners. I’ve also been trying to maintain or up my value (artificially inflate it thru game).

I was also trying out some Mode 1 stuff over the phone for the seduction stage. Trying to bypass the dating part.

Here’s what I have learnt so far.

A.) Ross Jefferies is right about bursting the sexual tension bubble when you overtly talk about sex.

B.) Love Drop aka Chris Odom is correct about the key being ‘spontaneity’ is what women want when it comes to the F close.

C.) Love Drop is correct about women wanting ‘plausible deniability’ when it comes to the F close.

D.) Nick Krauser is correct about women having a ‘Timeline’. LMR occurs when you are pushing for the F close ahead of her timeline. Or as Mystery says “the game is played in comfort”.

This is where I think Mode One can work. Hear me out for a moment. I’m now about to make the arguement supporting the ‘Radical Honesty’ concept with girls.

I think about 15% of women are R select. With those type of girls I found overt sexualised speech can be used as Attraction material. It does work to attract the girl but you still have to do comfort when you meet her. You still have to have some value which shows up or doesn’t on the F date.

R select women still have their timeline and, it’s different for all women.

R select women know your casual sex material and, not a prospect for a relationship before the lay has occured. They might wiggle of the hook if a relationship type guy comes along. Hence missing out on the lay.

The R select girl still has to be somewhat available. (Krauser “most girls are not available”.)

How to pick the R select type on the street?

Long floppy hand hold. Allows the proximity to be encroached. Direct eyes plus smile and maybe giggle. Laughs at everything you say.

Note: I have not tried Mode one on the street. I don’t recommend it. I have tried it over the phone on R select girls who have invested on the text first.

Some Peacocking during a Daygame set!

Lay Report Part 2

It was a Friday night. I was waiting at the local tavern restaurant type establishment. I was waiting for the Milf to arrive. She was about 15 minutes late.

She soon arrived. She apologized for being late. She said she had been kept back at the office. It was a good sign to start the date.

I said it’s a bit late for coffee, let’s get a couple of drinks. Do you drink wine. She said sure, good idea. Another great sign that she was up for it that night.

I said do you drink red or white. She preferred red so I said hold these seats and, I’ll get us two house wines in the red colour.

We sat down with our wines and preceeded to fill each other in on our life stories. Past present and, future is what is referred to in Game as ‘deep connection’.

After we finished our first round, I suggested that we proceed to the pub across the road. Sure enough, she was up for it. So I lead her across the road to the pub on the corner.

She ordered her meal and, I ordered another round of drinks. This time she was up for a sparkling white wine and, she paid for it.

Great sign of investment. Any time a girl invests is a sure sign that she genuinely is attracted to you. The evening was looking good.

We chatted more, while I started to kino, and do verbal escalation.

She was into it all. Half way through her meal she got up and, said that she had to go to the bathroom. Another great sign. Means that she’s pampering up her face to get ready for some action.

We left the venue and, I decided to lead by holding her hand. She loved it and, started resting her head on my left shoulder.

In a book written by 60 years of challenge he talks about how the hands of a women don’t lie. If she gives you her hand and, you mutually caress it and, she does the same back to you. Then it’s a sure sign that she’s into you.

If she does not give you her hand, then you are getting tooled.

She also was closing the proximity on me as I was holding her hand. She did this by snuggling up to me as we walked back to the car.

I decided to go in for the kiss. Bingo she loved it and, we started french kissing. She was really good at twirling her tongue around my tongue. It was fucking awesome and, I was thinking how good is this. Only by doing Daygame do you get these privileges.

By the way, just a note on her dress. Long black zip up fuck me boots, sexy as hell, and a tight pair of dark blue denim jeans to accentuate her ass and curves. I leaned in and, smelt her neck. She smelt like strawberries mixed with vanilla. I was thinking what a fucking great night I’m having.

The mission in my head was to get my first lay from Game and to prove all this mind wank stuff REALLY works. To also get my first reference experience with banging a chick from Daygame.

It was all starting to come together. All the pieces of the puzzle as layed out in Nick Krauser’s books and, more importantly the GREAT Tom Torero. May he rest in peace. I consider him to be the Godfather of Daygame in my book with a close equal Nick Krauser.

Just before I go back to the story, I have to note that this opportunity would not be possible, not even considered back in my chode days.

Yes I’m going to admit it. I was a chode and, had a purity fantasy about women for most of my life. Now I realize how wrong I am and, how right guys (Kings) like Krauser and, Torero are on the biology between Men and, Women.

Back to the story, there I was walking hand in hand, kissing her tongue deep. As I was kissing her, I thought of this dark alley way I knew off on the way.

So I walked her there and, into the shadows of this quiet dark lane way. I pushed her up against the wall and, stiff armed her throat. She lit up with a big beaming smile. Her eyes glazed over her. She looked like she was high on cocaine. I then proceeded to kiss her. We french kissed for a bit. I put my hand on the top of her head and, pushed her down to indicate what would happen next.

She got the hint and…….

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