About developing feelings for a single girl. Covering the ‘Golden rule’ for relationships.

Lay Report Part 2

It was a Friday night. I was waiting at the local tavern restaurant type establishment. I was waiting for the Milf to arrive. She was about 15 minutes late. She soon arrived. She apologized for being late. She said she had been kept back at the office. It was a good sign to start the … Continue reading Lay Report Part 2

Field lay report

It’s been over a year now and, I suppose I’m ok with writing up my sordid liaisons with the women I met from Daygame. I’ll start with the very first women I ended up sleeping with. This post will be in 2 parts. First part will be the field report. Second part will be about … Continue reading Field lay report

No girls

I just wanted to write a post about No girls. Daygame is hard. It’s very hard. There’s a section at the end of ‘Balls Deep’ author Nick Krauser about most girls being a No. It’s an interesting view on biology and, why most girls you’ll meet will be a No. I won’t go into the … Continue reading No girls


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