Girl no.9 Date

Picked her up at a Melbourne Central mall. She was a HB7 Chinese girl around her mid 20’s.

Ran the usual set. Short floppy hand hold, closed her out for Instant cohee date.

Ran deep rapport on date. She wouldn’t open up. She reminded me of a chinese communist, very serious in her demeanor but, she was good looking and, I fancied her.

Bounced her to a park for some comfort then, bounced her past a pub bar. I said “that looks interesting, let’s take a look”.

She hesitated at first but then complied. I bought the first round of drinks. Proximity for the seating was off. I kino’d a little, she was on and, off with indicators of interest.

Didn’t know what to do after that as I was new. From that date, I had learned how to lead and, bounce from Venue 1 to Venue 2 and, a park in between. All on an Instant date from a street stop.

I was kino’ing too. My ‘Jedi’ skills where getting better. I was learning to feel the ‘Force’ more.

I was starting to internalise my ‘London Daygame ModeI’ skill set.

But I am not a ‘Jedi’ yet!

Got a good response on the feeler text, but then she flaked later when I fourth walled my intent over the text.

Maybe she had a fella, maybe she was K-k select (K, leaning more towards k’ ish rather then more r’ ish).

Never heard from her again.

Feeling high value!

Girl no.8 Date

Read some stuff about kino ing, so I knew where I was going wrong.

Picked up this early 20’s Asian HB8 from the mall area above Southern cross station. She was half Thai, half Chinese.

She eye spazzed quickly (anime eyez), long floppy hand hold, giggled laughed and, kood.

5+ minute solid set, lead her for an Instant date to cohhee shop. Practised kino ing hands etc.

About half an hour date, said she was meeting girlfriends for dinner. Could have kissed closed her at the end of the date because I had hold of her hands and, she had gooee eyes. Chickened out.

Sent feeler text the next day, she responded a couple of times then went cold. She added me on her Instagram. I saw she was boyfriend up.

What a let down.

Anime eyes are a sign of peek ovulation. Big and, black with white glints in them.

Girl no. 7 Date

Was the day after the previous girl. Was still the long weekend and, had decided to share a hotel room with my wing the night before.

Had been sarging all day, was exhausted and, had hit my 16th set when I did a front stop on a HB7 couger.

She was on from the start. Nice hand hold, nice eye fucking and, close proximity.

Ran a solid 5 minute set, then she closed me. That was a suprise.

I read that as a BIG IOI.

Looked like a SDL or SDDL.

Setup a double date with my wing and, his set as he had pulled that day too.

His girl flaked and, it ended up just being me, him and, my date.

I think 2 guys rocking up on the date that night triggered some ASD. She was off from the start.

We all shared a bottle of red wine but her proximity was off and, no hand hold. Got stuck in general chit chat about careers and, shit.

Lesson learnt, don’t bring your wing onto a date.

She was Slovakian but a local girl. Similar to her.

Girl no.6 date

Was the holiday long weekend just before the winter was about to hit. It was still hot and, I was on my 15th set asking myself questions like a man lost in the desert with no water.

The questions I was asking myself was how hard is daygame, when was my next on girl, why am I doing daygame, too many family’s today, no ambling girls on their own or, in a 2 set.

What to do I ask myself. I was tired, my feet where killing me from sarging all day.

Then out of nowwheresville I see this 20ish asian HB8 standing on the street corner waiting to cross at the lights, amongst a throng of people that day.

The spotlight effect had kicked in, so did my AA.

She was dressed like Alice in wonderland.

Nice I said to myself. I got to the lights, stood behind and, just to the side of her about 6 feet away.

The green man turned and, so everyone started crossing. I waited until she fully crossed the road before I made my move.

As I was making my move I got caught up in a wave of people coming my way.

I finally got through them and, caught up to her. I did a side stop. I was knackered by that stage. I could barely get my words out.

She was socialbly nice. Proximity was of but hand shake was on. Ran a 5-7 minute solid set, then closed her for an Instant coffee date.

What stood out in the street stop was that she just kept standing there even thou the proximity was of.

Lesson learnt….that’s a huge IOI.

The date went even better. She was so polite and, so nice. It through me sideways how nice she really was. She was also hot too. 🙂

Ran deep rapport on her. She loved it. Closed out the date after 1 hour. I was exhausted by that stage.

Looking back on it, I was probarly exhausted because I was drinkies the night before. Don’t do that. K.

Second date, lead her to a tea room and, we drank tea and, ate scons. She loved it.

I was still a beginner back then and, still didn’t know much about dating and, escalating.

Walked her to a park then back to the city area. Proximity was of. Tried to lean in for a goodbye kiss, was of.

What a chode I was.

She still keeps in touch 6 months later, but haven’t banged her yet.

Like that but asian and, no hat.

Girl no. 5 date

Was in a shopping centre (mall in american) in the city. Was about the 11th set, did a side stop.

She was a Taiwanese HB7 but a body like a model. Around 21 years old.

Ran a solid 5 minute set, pulled her for an Instant coffee date.

1 hour coffee date, then lead her for a walk to the local botanic gardens type park in the city area.

After that didn’t know what I was doing so was winging it.

Proximity was of in the park, verbalised the alcohol venue, again don’t do that.

She responded to the feeler text. I had some pinging going backwards and, forwards but later she dropped off the radar.

I’d say I fucked up the texting. Got stuck in banter.

Lesson learnt, don’t do banter over the text.

I also didn’t know how to run physical compliance tests back then. So I picked up Nick Krauser’s stuff and, started reading.

“Daygame Mastery”. Book title.

I vowed next time I would lead girl to bar and, run physical compliance tests.

Dressed like her but face not as good and, she wore white runners.

Girl no.4 date

Was with my wing. About 5ish O clock on a Saturday. Was about the 15th set.

2 girls sitting on a chair in the city smoking their lungs out.

Did a elephant in the room situational opener.

They where 2 Italian’s with accents working at the ice cream shop around the corner.

Backpacker types looking for work and, long term visas to stay in Oz. I found that out later on the date.

7 to 10 minute solid set. The one I fancied said she had a boyfriend halfway through the set. I pressed on with the set.

Pulled them for an Instant date to this shitty coffee shop. The seating was shit.

Number closed at the end of a 15 minute date. Flaked on feeler text.

The one I fancied was similar to her.

Women no. 3 date

She was actually my first date. Had it the other way around from my previous posts.

HB7.5 chinese cougar. Early 40’s I’d say. Did a situational stop as she was waiting for the green walk man to change at the lights.

Just got to her in time before the change and, she kept hanging around to my shpill.

Did proximity and, handshake and, direct eye contact straight away.

Was the first time I had tried it. Was on right from the start. Ran a solid set but no grounding.

The date was at her place. She cooked for me. The proximity was off and, got stuck in rapport.

I suck and, nothing happened.

Still trying to bang her!

Similar to her.

The Daygame Gods

Did a set this morning at around 10am. Was a fucking solid set. Tight game, as tight as can be.

She responded to the feeler text. Currently in progress, will keep you updated as to wether I fuck it up or not.

I think it looks like a set of glory, a possible +2 on the way.

I think the Daygame gods have smiled upon me today and, I must say could be because of Nick Krauser’s book “Daygame Infinite”.

I will do a book review on it once I have finished reading it.

The main takeaway I learnt today is always concentrate on the most important thing in set….the meat and, potatoes.

The Assumption and, Stack. Say what you see and, be spontaneous about it.

And, hopefully the Daygame gods will smile upon you.

Don’t forget to run some comfort and, qualification after that.

That should be tight as fuck game as you’ll ever get. 5 – 10 minutes in set.

For tight game.

Today’s Sarge stats

Hello Daygamer,

Just thought I’d give you an insight into my R select game stats.

Did 15 sets: Got 3 solid sets.

These are the inset predictions for each of the 3;

Set 1: American girl HB 8, 5+ minute set, sexually on but had a boyfriend. Result was attracted to me but not available.

Set 2: Chinese HB 8.5, was very nice indeed, 5 + minute set, did not invest, nice floppy hand but moved away when I touched her hair. Result, she was available but not attracted to me.

Set 3: Australian white girl HB 9, was stunning, looked like Jessica Rabbit but with long black hair and, dressed in black dress tight, big knockers. 5 + min set and, was sexually on. Had boyfriend, overcame the boyfriend to get number time bridge. Result was sexually attracted to me but has a boyfriend. See what happens on this and, if it leads anywhere or just a flake?!

I’m Roger Rabbit!