Today’s Sarge stats

Hello Daygamer,

Just thought I’d give you an insight into my R select game stats.

Did 15 sets: Got 3 solid sets.

These are the inset predictions for each of the 3;

Set 1: American girl HB 8, 5+ minute set, sexually on but had a boyfriend. Result was attracted to me but not available.

Set 2: Chinese HB 8.5, was very nice indeed, 5 + minute set, did not invest, nice floppy hand but moved away when I touched her hair. Result, she was available but not attracted to me.

Set 3: Australian white girl HB 9, was stunning, looked like Jessica Rabbit but with long black hair and, dressed in black dress tight, big knockers. 5 + min set and, was sexually on. Had boyfriend, overcame the boyfriend to get number time bridge. Result was sexually attracted to me but has a boyfriend. See what happens on this and, if it leads anywhere or just a flake?!

I’m Roger Rabbit!

Predictions in Set

Hi there,

Another post from down under, not literally hehe ; )

I was sarging the other day and, had tested ‘Krauser’s in set predictions post’.

How to predict what the outcome would be, here’s my experience;

1. Time in set 10 seconds – 2 minutes = Not attracted to you, not available (has boyfriend etc)

2. Time in set 3 – 4 minutes, struggling to get to the 5 minute mark = Not attracted to you, is available.

3. Time in set 5 + minutes, but has to go, has a boyfriend etc = Sexually attracted to you, but not available.

4. Time in set 5 + minutes, comes on an Instant date or gives you her number = Sexually attracted to you, and available.

Conclusion: Most of my sets are either blow outs or in the no. 3 category. I will usually hit category no. 4 on my 12th 13th or 15th set.

If you have to get a facebook or instagram from her on a 5 + minute set then chances are she’s taken but has one foot out the door so to speak.

On other news I had a date 1 the other night and, physically escalated to the kiss in a dark alley way : )

Won’t go into details but to say, thank god for Day Game. Credit ‘London Day Game Model’ Nick Krauser, Tom Torero, Steve Jabba.

Pickup from weekend Sarge, Columbian chick, tight ass in tight black jeans ; )

Not her but close.

R selection game

Went R select today, did 12 sets, got 1 Instant date and, 1 Instagram. About another 4 x 4 – 5 minute sets, close but no cigar.

Instant date went like this;

5 to 7 min set, then coffee close, about 15 to 20 minutes on coffee date, then lead to walk in the park, around 40 minutes on that.

Then lead her to bar, 1 drink each. Couldn’t convince her for a second so I time bridged her with number close.

Exchanged numbers and, IOD’d her away to another day (date).

Kino ladder ticks and, misses:

1. Fingers (ring) = tick

2. Compare tans = tick

3. Floppy test = Orange

4. Ear lobes (ear rings) = tick

5. Eye fucking = tick

6. Shoulders = tick

7. Ankle lift (shoe check) = tick

8. Sat side by side = Orange

9. Close distance = Red light

10. Hand hold to kiss test = Red

Summary of idate, I was in and, out with Torero Toe move over the course of the entire interaction because she kept creating tiny distance then letting me have it.

I felt she was off and, on all the time but she was on more when in a dimly lit bar setting.

Her 1 drink : (

Any Given Saturday

Did 22 sets, half side stops, half front.

AA hit that for six (cricket term), felt invisible by the end of the day.

Did the Tiger eyes, Maradona move, Torero toe, Steve Jabba touch, kino’d on 2 solid sets, 1 was an Instant date.

Kino ladder:

Hair, fingers, compare hand sizes, compare tans, ear lobes, shoulder, upper arm, and floppy test.

Used the “Gotta keep my eyes up” credit Krauser, she giggled, she loved it.

Used the ‘good girl, bad girl’ credit Krauser. She absolutely loved it.

Closed on “should go out for a drink”, sexual intent credit Krauser.

Summary: Went R selection game today, didn’t hide my dick, filtered out K selection girls.

Was fucking great : )

Just like that movie ‘Anygiven Saturday’, gotta fight for every inch and, anything can happen on any given Sunday’ (Saturday).

She’s cheering you on…just put it in the hole.

Thursday’s Score Card

Was sarging with a mate and, he number closed for the first time. Was good to see. He was on a mental high after that and, started opening every gorgeous young thing we came across.

I was getting a bit jealous but that’s a good thing.

I was struggling with alot of married women. I was sarging during office hours so I was coming across more of them. Lot’s of it’s On sets thou, very good.

Toward’s the end of the day near the end of a 4 hour sarge, I got an IOI green light from a young stunner from across the street.

Like a lion I went after her and did a front stop. She loved it. Had a 7 minute kooing giggling and, flirtatious set. Number closed her and, was on my way.

That set blew my mind and, I was on a mental high after that. Made the entire days work worthwhile.

Similar to her but younger

Score card from New years eve sarge

Pushed for an Instant date, went well, number closed. She responded to feeler text the next day.

Young asian chick HB8, had a boyfriend, I plowed alittle. 5 minute set, close but no cigar on idate close and, number close. Pushed for facebook. Said “I won’t tell him, if you don’t” and, winked at her. No success.

HB8 in her mid 20’s smoking and, waiting for a taxi outside station. Same outcome as above. Both sets loved my teasing etc etc. This girl thanked me sincerely for the compliment as I walked away. Close but no cigar.

Opened and number closed ordinary Philippino girl at train station as I got home. Sent feeler text the next day at lunch time. She responded.

Score card summary: 2 numbers and 1 idate. Both on and, in play. Will keep you posted with outcomes.

Stay thirsty my friends )

The 7 numbers

From set 1 to set 186, I have managed to close 7 numbers. Each number from 1 upto my 7th, I have learnt alot along the way and, made mistakes.

This post is a micro analysis of each of those numbers and, what to do during set to make it solid, the number that is e.g so it dun flake.

1st No. did charisma and, charm through cold read and, story telling.

What I did not do is sexual tension, ground the set and, qualification questions.

End result: Got a reply to my ping text, she wanted a friend.

2nd No. did charisma and, charm through cold read and, story telling.

What I did not do is same as above.

End result: she ghosted me (no reply to my ping text), vacuumed for 48 hrs, no reply, vacuumed for 1 week, no reply.

3rd No. did charisma, charm and, sexual tension.

What I did not do is ground the set and, qualify her… and, she didn’t play along with the maradona move.


End result: she ghosted me.

4th No. did charisma, charm, sexual tension.

What I did not do is ground the set and, qualify.

End result: she ghosted me.

5th No. Did charisma, charm, sexual tension, grounded the set.

Did not qualify her, and strong hand shake like a job interview on the maradona move.

End result: she ghosted me.

6th No. Done charisma, charm, sexual tension, grounded the set and, qualified her.

End result: she was looking for a boyfriend or friend, she couldn’t decide as she just broke up with her long term boyfriend. I went overt with my intentions of casual sex over the text.

Lesson learnt: when shit tested always ignore and, change the subject matter, then if she presse’s, agree and, be overt with your intentions.

The game is played in the implied (covert communication) not the overt. If you have to be overt with your communication style then you have lost and, she has won the battle.

7th No. work in progress, will keep you updated, thus to say was a solid set.

You pervert… looked ;

My First Post

I start this blog at set 186. This blog is for the aspiring daygamer who has not done many sets and, wants to follow in my footsteps from a newb.

To acknowledge first our forefathers that come before us; Nick Krauser BIG SHOUT OUT to him, Steve da Jabba THE NATURAL, and Tom Torero for da FUNDAMENTALS.

Abit about me; Aussie from down under, not literally ; get the pun.

Melbourne, Australia.

Aspiring daygamer, following in the footsteps of the Poms (an Englishman).

My successes so far: close but no cigar, all around it thanks to Steve da Jabba’s advice.

Met heaps of hotties, got 7 no.s, no dates yet but working on it.

My bio: 39 yrs old, bald white guy, tall, lanky, single.

End of first post, will keep you posted on how my 7th phone no. pans out )

Hottie from the weekend with a wing in a 2 set (pic below)

Similar to her but with big tits.