The Bird Song

Key moments in a pickup attempt.

1. Chance meeting. It’s what a girl wants. “We just met by chance. What are the chances” = Front stop.

2. Using your eyes to fuck the girl in the street = Eye mesmer.

3. Romance. “I want to be romanced” = Sexually desire me in the most covert way possible so no one knows but you and, me.

4. I want a man = Lead, bounce, lead, lead, bounce.

5. I think his right for me = Attraction is in the push. 2 pushes and, 1 pull over the text messaging.

6. Comfort building = Physically escalate. 2 steps forward, 1 step back.

7. “We are not gonna have sex” = Tell me verbally that you don’t want me sexually. I’ll then probably jump your bones.

8. “It just happened” = Not my fault we had sex. It was natural. It was by chance. It just happened!

The dance between man and, women.

Fools mate

These are my thoughts on Mode One and, Pickup.

I think most women’s threshold for “comfort” sit somewhere in the middle.

To paraphrase Steve Jabba “Every womens comfort level is different. Some need more comfort, some need less. Some don’t need any comfort at all and, will just fuck”.

The Mystery Method writes “To begin with Seduction first is Fools mate”.

I think only a tiny number of girls are “Yes girls” which Mode One would work on. Even then they are gonna want some comfort afterwards and, would probarly ghost you once you go down a gear to comfort building.

All the girls I fucked on the first or second date ended up ghosting me afterwards.

I think it’s because of “Buyers Remorse”.

The pro’s and, con’s of both sides of the coin?

Overt direct Mode one communication;

Pros = Filters out Time Wasters. Filters for Yes girls.

Cons = Buyers Remorse. She wriggles of the hook before you’ve fucked her, a “Maybe girl” that is.

Covert Indirect Direct communication;

Pros = Comfort building, ongoing sex, socially acceptable.

Cons = Waste time on dates to nowhere with Timewaster types.

Ross Jeffries said “You burst the sexual tension bubble when you go overt”.

He said “women are attracted to sexual tension”. “Women are attracted to the anticipation of getting laid”.

My thoughts are this;

We are talking about biology and, millions of years of human evolution.

As The Mystery Method book states;

Back when we were cave men. The women wants to know that if she gets knocked up by you. That cave man you with a big stick will hang around to protect her and, the bun in her oven from the saba tooth tiger.

She doesn’t know it to be sure, she just feels it. Buyers remorse. It’s hard wired into her hind brain. Millions of years of evolution.

That’s why Tom Torero said “The crem dela crem of pickup is somewhere between indirect and, direct language”.

Indirect, Direct. Or it should be refered to as Direct, Indirect.

That is your Direct with your eyes, subcommunication and, touch. Your Indirect with your verbals.

Your On with your subcommunication and, physical. Your Off with your words.

If you have to be On verbally then you can use innuendo or NLP.

My conclusion is that a Venesian artist should always practice “Solid game”.

Solid game is hard. Always consistently work on your value and, open. Do the numbers. It will make you better at your set and, reading the women. Numbers overcomes all.

On value, hit the gym loose the weight. Keep it off. Stop drinking.

Could be your next date?!

Feeler Text

Hi evrybody

Today, we are going to get down to brass tax.

This post is going to be about Investment.

You do your Daygame shenanigans and, manage to get some numbers. You think hey my sets were pretty fucking good.

You send your feeler texts out to all those lovely ladies.

But then something happens…..!

Those lovely girls don’t turn out to be so lovely after all?!

The girl you thought was solid turns out to be a flake.

The girl you thought wasn’t so crash hot ends up responding.

The girl you never thought would respond, ends up responding.

The rest just flake.

The end result from your hard day’s work sarging, turns out not to be such a win after all.

Your on a high from the days sarge but then you wake up the next morning on the come down from the previous days State.

Worse, you realise your not that shit hot after all. The flakes start to set in.

You now feel like you have been hit with the right hand and, hook. BAM BAM!

But then some messages start to trickle in and, you feel a little bit better about yourself.

You think, ‘yeah I’m still shit hot!’.

“What the fuck just happened” you say to yourself?!

Let’s go through the theory shall we.

Mind wank session now in.

The most important sign a girl can give you is Investment off the feeler text or, lack of. That will tell you all you need to know about a girls interest in you.

I hypothesize that there are 3 differen’t types of ‘Investment’ from a girl.

1. She does not respond to your feeler text = she has no interest in you full stop.

2. She responds to your feeler text. She does not match the amount of investment from you. Meaning she writes less words then you.

Means she’s a Timewaster and, either has a fella on the side or is just trying to tool you for something. Usually it’s free attention.

3. She responds to your feeler text with equal or more words in the text message.

Means she is investing in you. Means she likes you and, is seriously considering you for romantic love making.

What can I say, the Sexual Market Place doesn’t lie.

Your Sexual Market Value is what it is.

Your trying to Game Mother nature at it’s best or worst.

One should not be shocked with what comes back!

But there are 2 things you can do!

Keep opening, keep going, the numbers will work in your favour at some point. It’s just probability at the end of the day.

The second thing you can do is work on your value. Loosing the weight is the biggest thing. Keep it off. Stop boozing, smoking and, eat right. Do cardio and, basic pushups, situps.

And, lastly be Consistent with it all. Get into a routine.

Been sarging all day.

Charm + Charisma and Vibe

What I noticed about alot of my Daygame sets is this;

Women who responded to my teasing and, challenging and, good vibe, where more genuine and honest with me on dates and, over texts.

I think they liked me for me. Not for anything else. That’s why they came out on a date with me.

The sets were I up’d the sexual tension e.g more SOI’s, more Kino, did less charm and, charisma, I got more timewasters. I got financial timewaster types. I sometimes got girls who wanted a relationship. Sometimes I got girls who just wanted free attention.

I think the difference in outcome is obvious.

When I up’d the charm and, vibe and, did less sexual tension, I noticed the women that came out on those dates where more real and, authentic. I got less timewaster types.

3 SOI’s is about right. 4 to 5 is too much sexual intent.

Light kino’ing is about right. Maybe 2 – 3 light touches. Not 5 – 6.

Kino’ing that works on the street:

Hand shake

Touch fingers light

Touch hair light only if she’s shown signs of attraction through her body language.

Hand lightly on upper arm for 1.5 secs. 2 -3 seconds if she has shown signs of attraction.

Touch jacket lightly if she has shown signs of attraction.

Statements of Interest / Intent may include:

“You look very, very nice”

“You have nice eyes….nice hair”

On close “I like your….(figure / hips / legs / look etc)”

Elvis the pelvis had heaps of it. Charm and charisma!

Signs shes an SNL / SDL

Had been sarging all day on Saturday and, it was the last set of the day.

Weather is a little bit wintery at the moment. This asian girl walks past with the most revealing gym knicker tights, upto her arse.

Revealing her entire fit legs upto her butt. Nice firm arse as well. Not to big, not to small, nice and, bunn like, like a burger bunn.

Worked up the courage to do a cold approach, london front stop on her.

She hooked immediately off the stop. How do I know?

She eye sparkled, smiled, was giggly and, the most important crucial tell tale sign!!….was she just stood there. She seemed like she had no place to be at in an immediate hurry. She just hung around and, stood there as I opened her.

She invested in the set like she had no where to go. She talked like she was really easy going and, open. Like she had the time and, day to have a yarn with you in the middle of a busy city centre street. That was out of place for the context we were in.

She reminded me of someone who is from the country. People from the country usually have the same characteristics.

That is they;

1. Chat with you about anything.

2. They are more open to having a yarn about nothing.

3. They smile alot and, are generally pretty friendly compared to city folk.

4. They usually will make time for you and, generally aren’t in a rush like city slickers are.

She had all these signs and, asked me a question on the open. So I knew I’d hooked early.

I did some comfort talk in the set then closed her for an Idate. She complied very easily.

Took her for hot chocolate late at around 5pm.

Bounced her for a walk in the park.

Here is the BIG thing; she was rubbing up against me as we walked side by side. Green light for she was closing the proximity on me.

I just held her hand, like she was my girlfriend at this point. She reciprocated easily.

Walk her through the park and, noticed she kept looking at my eyes.

Stopped, turned her to face me, held both her hands, looked into her eyes, said nothing. Waited for her to look down at my lips. It took her 10 seconds, then I went in for the kiss.

We sucked face on and, off through out the walk about 3 to 4 times.

It was on the 4th make out that my hands started to wonder down to her lovely arse. That’s when the LMR came up.

She said in a very lovely way, “I’m not sure if I can do this, I apologize”.

I used an anti LMR line from Tom Torero. “No no it’s me, I’m moving way to fast….this is way to fast….I don’t normally do this….move this fast.”

I rolled off, walked her to the city centre, number closed her and, got a nice kiss tongue and, all good bye. 🙂

Was it an SNL, SDL?

Leave a comment and, let me know.

Her shorts were literally that short. She had short hair.

Lessons Learnt

This post is going to be about lessons Iearnt from Daygame.

I like to get straight to the point, no waffle, so here it goes;

1. I don’t do coffee daytime dates. I’v never been laid of one. They always, all seem to be Timewaster’s. The girl usually filter’s you for boyfriend box. You usually don’t get a second date.

2. Night dates is were it is at. If a girl decides to meet you for a date after the sun goes down, then there’s a high degree or possibility that she’s thinking of Dick.

There’s just something about meeting the girl when it’s night time as opposed to day time.

3. I don’t do Steve Jabba game as it’s to much sexual tension during the day on the street or in a shop. I think girls during the day who might be up for it want discretion. They don’t want other’s watching them as they get hit on in public. They want “plausible deniability” as Nick Krauser always says. I think he is 100% spot on.

4. I run the standard Daygame stuff but with Eye fucking, hand shake and, closing the proximity on a maybe or yes girl. That works and, is proven in my experience.

5. Over the text I push twice and, pull once as a ratio until she comes out on a date. I’m looking for girls who invest over the text.

Girls who don’t invest are most likely got another dude their interested in. You can’t convince them to come of the fence by pulling. I’ve never had any luck with these types. Your just wasting your time. They cannot be had full stop.

6. I’m not afraid to use NLP over the text. I notice it filters out girls who are not sexually up for it. And for the one’s that are, they respond really well to NLP. They LOVE it 😁

7. When I meet them for the first time on the first date at night, I don’t say much. I just hold both hands, eye fuck them, wait for their eyes to look down at my lips, she usually then looks away then looks back and, BAM go in for the kiss. This move right at the beginning of the night date will let you know pretty quickly wether the girl is tooling you or not.

If your in the Melbourne area and, want some free coaching, then check out my contacts page and, drop me a text.

If your a Daygamer in the Melbourne area and, looking for a wing then drop me a text.

I’m turning into Hugh Hefner slowly!

Time Wasters

I’ve dated a few birds now. On the date I have discovered a pattern amongst them all.

Non Time waster type girls tend to not talk very much and, respond to your talkative mood and, wear a short skirt (clear sign she’s up for it).

Time waster types I noticed have these signs in common;

1. They talk a lot. They talk so much that they dominate the conversation. It’s a subtle frame snatch and, shit test done silently under the radar on you.

2. They don’t allow any incidental hand touching.

3. They avoid closing the proximity on you and, are always at some distance from you.

Just my thoughts on some dates I had.

“Don’t waste my mutha facking time?!” Al pacino in the movie ‘Heat’.

Pair Bonding

What I’ve noticed since I started ‘game’ and, what means more to the girl then sex is ‘pair bonding’ and, wanting ‘sex’ less then the girl.

Now I know some of you reading this are gonna be like ‘your talking shite’ and, that ‘you gotta strike while the iron is hot etc etc da di da…di da?!’.

The fact of the matter, through my own experience of what I have seen and done is that ‘Daygame’ gives you an introduction and, connection to the girl but ultimately it’s ‘time spent in comfort’ that has the greatest impact.

‘Pair Bonding’ and, kino’ing at the same time ‘on’ and, ‘off’ are by far the 2 most powerful things in courting a women to the bedroom.

Of course you still have to play ‘the game’.

Lead, lead, lead. ‘Bounce’, move the girl, don’t be static in one spot for to long.

Do shit with the girl. What I mean is not trying to get laid but doing activities together.

Keep leading her to different activities.

I noticed through this process ‘Pair Bonding’ is created and, the women starts to cling to you’.

The second point is wanting to ‘fuck her’ less then her wanting to fuck you.

The reasoning behind this logic is that I noticed girls get turned off if your constantly ‘pulling’.

Women are more attracted to the ‘push’.

That means that you’ve gotta want it less then her.

Now I put a caveat to that. You can still have a sexual interest in her…. but less then her.

The end result is that you end up racking up “comfort time” as The Mystery Method says.

Now, the final step is to ‘risk’ loosing it all.

You have to now risk loosing the girl altogether by “Pulling the trigger” pua term.

But the point is this:

It’s “Pair bonding” and, “wanting it less then her” is were great strides are made in the courting process of dating.

Just my thoughts.

I know it sucks…you have to do shit with them!


Went on a date last night with this 8ish Filipino girl 26. She had a body like on the special k commercial. Lot’s of AI’s dreamy eyes etc. Massive smiles.

I want to talk about how women shit test you right of the bat. They start to shit test you over the text when your teeing up the meet.

What I learnt about the right frame is this?

Women are like cats and, the man is the master or cat owner so to speak.

In the context of a date; the cat serves it’s owner with affection etc.

In return the owner looks after the cat and, has it’s best welfare at heart.

The owner does not serve the cat. The owner does not go to the cat. The cat comes to the owner while the owner is doing their own thing.

The owner either furnishes the cat with affection or not based on their own mood.

Simply put, he is the master and, he is in control of what happens to the cat.

Just something to think about next time your on a date with a broad.

You set the meet place, venues etc, not her.

You tell her “no”.

You tell her “were doing xyz”.

It’s your way or the highway.

Similar look to her…dressed in tight black dress up to her butt almost.