To Conquer

I realise now why we Men do Daygame. Why we toil on the streets with AA, the spotlight and, rejection.

Why we take the pain deep in our hindbrain from flaky women.

Why we feel the sting from her ghosting us after sex but we still persist with Daygame.

Why we persist after near misses.

Why we burn our boats.

Why we Daygame?!!!!!!

It’s to conquer the women.

You see the women represent’s the mountain. We must overcome and, persist until we have conquered it.

It’s the challenge we thrive on.

That is our drug and, it’s never ending like a rubix’s cube to solve.

We just keep going around in circles.

Just another set……..

The reward?

A night with a beautiful baby!

To follow in the footsteps of Trent from the movie ‘Swingers’,

That was so fuckin' money. It was like
that "Jedi mind" shit.

That's what I'm telling you, baby. The
babies love that stuff. They don't want
all that sensitive shit. You start
talking to them about puppy dogs and ice
cream. They know what you want. What do
you think? You think they don't?

I know. I know.

They know what you want, believe me.
Pretending is just a waste of time.
You're gonna take them there eventually
anyway. Don't apologize for it.
I'm just trying to be a gentleman, show
some respect...

Respect, my ass. They respect honesty.
You see how they dress when they go out?
They want to be noticed. You're just
showing them it's working. You gotta get
off this respect kick, baby. There aint
nothing wrong with letting them know that
you're money and that you want to party.

‘Right’ Trent DHVing himself before the F close.


This post is going to be about texting and, flaky bitches.

If you got a phone number and, it’s from a solid set and, she responds to your pinging but then drops off the radar.

Then you should do the following;

1. Unsure what to write or do = Do absolutely nothing. Protect your value.

2. Go out for the day and, practice getting to hook point.

3. Practice solid game and, get some more numbers, idates etc.

4. Text new numbers.

5. Then text that girl who you had oneitis for and, had dropped off the radar.

That wet dream you keep having about her!

Tom Torero

As everyone knows Tom Torero has passed away and, is no longer with us.

God rest his soul.

This post is about my thoughts on the guy and, what I thought about him when I was learning Daygame.

Being an older guy and, recently new to pickup, I’ve only really been doing it on and off for about 1 and, half years now.

These are my thoughts.

The guy was genuinely telling the truth with all his material that he sold online.

I never knew the guy or met him but, I think he wanted every guy to genuinely succeed with their dating and, love life.

He was the real deal, no bullshit when it came to giving out real advice on the truth of male female intersexual dynamics.


What I’ve learnt about people over my life time is that most people can’t handle the TRUTH.

I think that’s why alot of people in and, outside the pickup community (if there is one) tried to discredit him.

We might not like to hear the raw TRUTH but that’s what made Tom credible on the subject matter of Daygame.

He appeals too guys like myself who had written themselves off with the opposite sex.

Only to discover Tom’s teaching’s and, raw TRUTH was I able to get myself back in the game again.

As Tom said himself, he was into the purity of the science behind male female dynamics and, the redpill.

As he said himself, you can’t twist the REAL science and, redpill truths to suit your agenda.

That’s what I LOVE about Tom. His honesty on the subject matter.

The only other guy who has that same integrity is Nick Krauser.

Because I’m new to Daygame, I’m sure there are alot of other London Daygame guys who go quitely under the radar who don’t get a mention but have contributed to Tom’s work including Nick Krauser.

It really is sad to see that a bloke has to die to finally get the recognition he deserves.

I’m still in shock from the loss of a great man who took on the left and, the world with his Daygame adventures.

He showed us what is possible when we venture out of our comfort zones and, face our own fears.

His book ‘Street Hustle’ (credit some of it to Nick Krauser and, the London daygame guys) is by far an outstanding text book for all the fundamentals and, principals of Daygame ever put out.

That’s just my opinion. Like Dirty Harry says “Opinions are like assholes and, everybody’s got one”.

I think the best way to keep Tom’s legacy alive is think of what Tom would do everytime you sweat it out in the gym to maintain your value or do a front stop / side stop / karate stop etc.

Every date you achieve etc, think of Tom.

Yes do Daygame for yourself first but think of Tom Torero when your out on the streets grinding away.

Just to leave you with a little excerpt from his book ‘Daygame’ that spoke volumes of his charm and, charisma that not only seduced women but seduced us students of he’s.

“Opened a hot leaflet girl in Leicester Square (giving flyers for a Brazil game in a pub), dressed in yellow and black. I said she was a bumble bee, nicer then wasps etc. Two minutes into the chat a bee landed on her….she screamed and ran off”.

Grounding the set

Today did a sarge in the city Melbourne.

13 sets / 5 hooks / 2 numbers.

Was waiting for a date to contact me for a Date 1. She flaked again.

Was doing sets in the city anyways.

Discovered that on grounding, you tell a story about what your currently doing.

I said that I was looking for a T shirt as I didn’t like the current one I had on.

Women love dressing guys. They always recommend a shop nearby.

Great topic for grounding the set.

Not like this American girl I stopped today. Had purple hair. Was nice.

Topic and Hook

When I write these posts, there more for me to remember a learning point from a sarge and, for anyone that’s listening out there and, might want to learn from a beginner to intermediate guy in Daygame.

These days my AA and, me not freezing in set not knowing what to say are not an issue.

The hard part in game and, what I’m starting to realise is that listen for the TOPIC and, riffing of it is a whole other skill set altogether.

The second thing that’s hard but I’m also starting to get better at it, is recognising HOOK POINT.

Recognising when you hook is alot harder then the former and, is especially difficult when the girl is not investing.

Sometimes the girl will not invest but is still standing there. Maybe it’s because she’s shy. Sometimes it’s because she has a fella and, sometimes it’s because she’s single but not attracted to you.

It’s all a bit bizaar sometimes.

Someone write a comment and, give me their two bobs worth?!

Just something to look at.

Similar to the Armenian girl that hooked today, but couldn’t close.

Blue Pill guys

I was Daygaming yesterday and I, ran into a guy I knew from when I was 16.

Anyways we start talking about the past, present etc and, I drop in at the end of the conversation that I do Daygame.

He soughtta knows a tiny bit about this stuff. He points to this YHT and, indicates what about her.

So I approach, do my thing. It was a cold approach and, a I got politely rejected but I hang on for a little bit with some teasing and, challenging.

After the set I go back to him and, he talks to me for a little bit and, asks me some questions about it all.

Like what did you say, how do you do that etc.

He then says to me “how do you think she felt about a complete random stranger approaching her…who she doesn’t know?”.

I didn’t really answer him. I just kept the chit chat polite.

The point is this; Tom Torero talks about empathy for women in one of his video products and, how it’s a mating strategy used by nice guys.

Tom goes onto talk about how women are not attracted to empathy. Instead their attracted to guys who are selfish and, freely emote how they feel. Not giving a shit about what her or others think. It’s a dominant trait Tom goes onto say.

Most men believe in being self effacing and, empathetic with women. They believe it’s a winning strategy. ‘Winner winner chicken dinner’.

Tom says “nice makes girls sick”.

Anyways these are my thoughts on an interaction I had with a typical blue pill beta and, how most guys are like him.

That’s the reason why guys are loosing the war to nazi feminists and, fascist men alike.

Can I drink your bath water?!


I’ve been doing Daygame for about 1 full year now and, I realised something today when I was sarging…..

listen for the topic and, riff off, of it until you hook?!.!?!

I’m a fucking dumb ass!

Just thought you should know.

Was hooking like mad today which included a early 20’s russian broad.

I was in Daygame heaven today.

Younger then her….Russian.

London front stop

I just wanted to make a post about the ‘London Day Game Model’. In particular the “London front stop”.

I was out sarging on saturday and, I was trying to perfect the ‘front stop’.

I discovered 3 things that gets over looked.

1. CUT IN; You get eye from the side as you wheel around, hand comes out for stop signal, you say “excuse me”.

This is the important part coming up….you break the girls momentum with the eye contact so she’s about to stop. This is were you cut into square up to the girl so your front on. VERY BIG LEARNING POINT.

This is the point right here and, what smashes your AA and, increases your confidence on the street. This I believe is what seperates the men from the boys and, makes you a true ‘Daygamer’.

2. A small number of girls will crack a smile and, be beaming with excitement with whats about to come out of your mouth (the mild compliment) before you have delivered it.

Note; this suggests a “yes girl” or a “strong maybe girl”.

3. If you have to catch up to a girl that triggers your “fuck she’s hot sense” then walk up to her and, try to close the distance before you start your run up.

This is so that the approach is more under the radar and, doesn’t trigger a cock block or white knight calling the cops on you. (Yes I have had that happen and, I’m still here, still alive and, day gaming).

That’s it; over and out from the aussie dude daygamer.

Credit Tom Torero and, Nick Krauser for the London front stop.