I’ve learnt alot since I’ve started down the path of Daygame.

I can say that after about 7 – 800 sets, I have dated 11 girls. I’ve been on multiple dates etc and, have fucked up nearly all of them accept 1.

I’ve gotten laid on that 1. I think she might have been a yes girl. Who knows.

Anyways apart from my rant, I’ve learnt some things which I’m eager to implement once the lockdown ends.

Yep Australia is still in lockdown. What a shit country….seriously.

Just my thoughts so far on Daygame.

Breakdown of each date thus far;

First date was with a Chinese HB8. Coffee instant date. Learnt to lead to coffee venue. Touched hips cause they were so nice like a cat walk models. Learnt about deep rapport.

Tried for venue two alcohol but announced it to her. That was a mistake.

Instead lead her to the tram stop home. Was a perfect time to kiss but I didn’t know what I was doing cause I was a beginner.

Second date with her was a disaster. She had snatched the frame off me. I decided instead to pick up another girl using her as pre selection. That other girl flaked later on the text.

Will post about my date with girl number 2 on the next post.

Just something to look at…similar to her!

4 hour 2nd date

Hi there fellows,

I had a 4 hour date 2 with a chinese hb 8, 21 year old.

What’s the secret to racking up the 7 hour average time shall you say?!

Deep rapport.

How to do deep rapport on date.

Step 1, run ‘how many differen’t types of people are you on any given day, month, week’ etc. Run this on 1st date.

Step 2, run ‘what is your purpose in life’, “what get’s you out of bed in the morning”, “how long does it take for you to get out of bed?!”.

A deep connection is now made, and this builds instant trust and, allows you and, her to share something in common.

Next thing you know, you’ve hit the 5 to 7 hour mark of comfort time according to ‘The Mystery Method’.

You can now move onto seduction.

Just remember to kino half way through the date and, once more at the end to spike things up.

Also remember to run some verbal escalation during the date.

Just some random pic to make you all horny?!