I’m now offering FREE infield coaching in person or REMOTELY over the telephone.

It’s for those who are SERIOUS about developing their Daygame (DG) skills.

Built on a foundation of the London Daygame Model (LDM) and, adapted to work on the streets, we’ve developed a program based on hundreds of hours and, thousands of approaches in the field.

These strategies have been fine-tuned through EXTENSIVE testing in the real world.

This program is focused on helping beginners build their skillset from the ground up. The program is available to anyone wanting to develop solid DG skills but will be especially valuable to guys 30+ who are interested in learning what REALLY WORKS.

Whether your battling with approach anxiety (AA) and unsure where to start, or getting numbers that often flake, this program is designed to help you strengthen your approach to get more dates.

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Reach your Potential!