Date Night, Japanese girl

Had a date 1 coffee filter date with a K Japanese girl.


1. Deep connection = tick

2. Lead = tick

3. Eyes = tick

4. Verbal escalation;

● Men and women be friends: tick

● Why are you single: had a boyfriend

● What type of guys do you date: tick

● 3 things I like in a girl: ASD on second hair smell attempt. Shoes to underwear verbal was a pass. Lipstick test was a fail as she had a mask on.

● What do you do for fun: tick

● What are your guilty pleasures: tick

● When was last time you had sex: “2 years ago with my boyfriend”

Then I started talking about vibrators.

She was pretty ok with that question. Big tick.

Sat down at the park bench side by side. Proximity was of. Legs crossed away from me so negative body language. So I lead her back to the train station. I decided to ‘Push’ her away and, cut the date short. I lead her to the train station, said I have to go, nice to meet you, gave her a kiss on the cheek. She allowed it, green light. She was suprised and, wanted to continue to follow but I said if you go that way, that will take you home, I have to go.

Looked nothing like her. Date was a HB 8. Can you see the nipple!

Boyfriend, Partner, Married

After ruminating with my thoughts over the sets that I’ve done, what I’ve noticed with women is that if after a 5 + minute set, if they don’t overtly mention a fella and, they don’t part with the phone number but part with a Facebook or Instragram instead, it’s because she has a fella waiting in the wing’s and, is still deciding whether to jump ship.

Let’s say you get the phone number but she doesn’t invest much over the text and, drops of the radar?

This suggests she’s got a fella and, has decided to shack up with him and, make him a priority over you.

As Al Pacino say’s in that movie ‘Anygiven Sunday’, “that’s Daygame fellas and, that’s all it is”.

Her beta half!