The Ups and, downs of Game

This post is going to be about the grind of game.

These are biological truths about game that I have experienced infield and, from reading literature about it. Mainly literature from Krauser and, Torero.

Fact No. 1

When you cold / warm approach you will find that most women are not attracted to most guys. I found the ratio to be 3 out of 4.

Fact No. 2

For the girls that are attracted to me. That is 1 out of 4, most are not available. Some are on the fence with their current boyfriend partner etc. Only a small number of those attracted girls are available.

Fact 3

Those attracted girls who are available need some comfort time. Every girl has a different level of time needed in comfort. You have to assess how much time you need to spend with the girl on an individual basis.

Fact 4

Off the 3 out of 4 that are not attracted. There is a greater number of those girls who are available then the ones who are attracted and, available.

Fact 5

Out of every 4 girls that are attracted, 1 is aroused. Half of these 1’s who are aroused are not available. The other half are available. SDL’s, SNL’s and, SDDL’s are possible if you can pick the girl that is aroused and, available.

The ratios:

15 sets. 3 attracted girls. 1 aroused girl.

2 not available or maybe 1 is not available and, 1 is.

Of the aroused girls, 1 aroused girl is or is not available.

Comment below if your ratios differ or are about the same.

The Big Country

Watched this movie the other night. Was made back in 1958. Was an epic movie. All the attraction switches and, social sexual hierarchy stuff was in it.

Reminded me of the 5 attraction switches in the Mystery Method.

1. Leader of Men

2. Protector of loved ones

3. Ability to emote freely

4. Risk taking

5. Pre-selection

These are the 5 main attraction switches in women when it comes to being attracted to a guy.

That movie sumed it up in a nutshell. Great movie. Made well before PC was invented.

Made me think that the ‘London Front Stop’ and, the ‘London Daygame Model’ has at least 3 attraction switches triggered in the women. Maybe you can guess which ones they are?

Thank god for Yad, Krauser, Torero and, Jabba. My favourite Daygamers.

The Instant Date that almost resulted in a Kiss Close.

How to Tease and, challenge

1. Say what you see and ‘twist’ it.

2. Say what your thinking in the moment.

3. Say what your feeling in the moment.

4. Recognise that the moment comes….and it goes. Grab onto the new moment and, express it out loud.

Women are attracted to men who freely emote verbally.

The morning after the lay. Couple weeks ago.

The Bird Song

Key moments in a pickup attempt.

1. Chance meeting. It’s what a girl wants. “We just met by chance. What are the chances” = Front stop.

2. Using your eyes to fuck the girl in the street = Eye mesmer.

3. Romance. “I want to be romanced” = Sexually desire me in the most covert way possible so no one knows but you and, me.

4. I want a man = Lead, bounce, lead, lead, bounce.

5. I think his right for me = Attraction is in the push. 2 pushes and, 1 pull over the text messaging.

6. Comfort building = Physically escalate. 2 steps forward, 1 step back.

7. “We are not gonna have sex” = Tell me verbally that you don’t want me sexually. I’ll then probably jump your bones.

8. “It just happened” = Not my fault we had sex. It was natural. It was by chance. It just happened!

The dance between man and, women.

Fools mate

These are my thoughts on Mode One and, Pickup.

I think most women’s threshold for “comfort” sit somewhere in the middle.

To paraphrase Steve Jabba “Every womens comfort level is different. Some need more comfort, some need less. Some don’t need any comfort at all and, will just fuck”.

The Mystery Method writes “To begin with Seduction first is Fools mate”.

I think only a tiny number of girls are “Yes girls” which Mode One would work on. Even then they are gonna want some comfort afterwards and, would probarly ghost you once you go down a gear to comfort building.

All the girls I fucked on the first or second date ended up ghosting me afterwards.

I think it’s because of “Buyers Remorse”.

The pro’s and, con’s of both sides of the coin?

Overt direct Mode one communication;

Pros = Filters out Time Wasters. Filters for Yes girls.

Cons = Buyers Remorse. She wriggles of the hook before you’ve fucked her, a “Maybe girl” that is.

Covert Indirect Direct communication;

Pros = Comfort building, ongoing sex, socially acceptable.

Cons = Waste time on dates to nowhere with Timewaster types.

Ross Jeffries said “You burst the sexual tension bubble when you go overt”.

He said “women are attracted to sexual tension”. “Women are attracted to the anticipation of getting laid”.

My thoughts are this;

We are talking about biology and, millions of years of human evolution.

As The Mystery Method book states;

Back when we were cave men. The women wants to know that if she gets knocked up by you. That cave man you with a big stick will hang around to protect her and, the bun in her oven from the saba tooth tiger.

She doesn’t know it to be sure, she just feels it. Buyers remorse. It’s hard wired into her hind brain. Millions of years of evolution.

That’s why Tom Torero said “The crem dela crem of pickup is somewhere between indirect and, direct language”.

Indirect, Direct. Or it should be refered to as Direct, Indirect.

That is your Direct with your eyes, subcommunication and, touch. Your Indirect with your verbals.

Your On with your subcommunication and, physical. Your Off with your words.

If you have to be On verbally then you can use innuendo or NLP.

My conclusion is that a Venesian artist should always practice “Solid game”.

Solid game is hard. Always consistently work on your value and, open. Do the numbers. It will make you better at your set and, reading the women. Numbers overcomes all.

On value, hit the gym loose the weight. Keep it off. Stop drinking.

Could be your next date?!

Feeler Text

Hi evrybody

Today, we are going to get down to brass tax.

This post is going to be about Investment.

You do your Daygame shenanigans and, manage to get some numbers. You think hey my sets were pretty fucking good.

You send your feeler texts out to all those lovely ladies.

But then something happens…..!

Those lovely girls don’t turn out to be so lovely after all?!

The girl you thought was solid turns out to be a flake.

The girl you thought wasn’t so crash hot ends up responding.

The girl you never thought would respond, ends up responding.

The rest just flake.

The end result from your hard day’s work sarging, turns out not to be such a win after all.

Your on a high from the days sarge but then you wake up the next morning on the come down from the previous days State.

Worse, you realise your not that shit hot after all. The flakes start to set in.

You now feel like you have been hit with the right hand and, hook. BAM BAM!

But then some messages start to trickle in and, you feel a little bit better about yourself.

You think, ‘yeah I’m still shit hot!’.

“What the fuck just happened” you say to yourself?!

Let’s go through the theory shall we.

Mind wank session now in.

The most important sign a girl can give you is Investment off the feeler text or, lack of. That will tell you all you need to know about a girls interest in you.

I hypothesize that there are 3 differen’t types of ‘Investment’ from a girl.

1. She does not respond to your feeler text = she has no interest in you full stop.

2. She responds to your feeler text. She does not match the amount of investment from you. Meaning she writes less words then you.

Means she’s a Timewaster and, either has a fella on the side or is just trying to tool you for something. Usually it’s free attention.

3. She responds to your feeler text with equal or more words in the text message.

Means she is investing in you. Means she likes you and, is seriously considering you for romantic love making.

What can I say, the Sexual Market Place doesn’t lie.

Your Sexual Market Value is what it is.

Your trying to Game Mother nature at it’s best or worst.

One should not be shocked with what comes back!

But there are 2 things you can do!

Keep opening, keep going, the numbers will work in your favour at some point. It’s just probability at the end of the day.

The second thing you can do is work on your value. Loosing the weight is the biggest thing. Keep it off. Stop boozing, smoking and, eat right. Do cardio and, basic pushups, situps.

And, lastly be Consistent with it all. Get into a routine.

Been sarging all day.