Comfort time is King

I just wanted to write a post about a few things in particular. These things have been proven in my eyes with a particular girl that I have been dating from Daygame.

1. As written by Chris Odom in the book ‘Revelations’. He says on a date you want to be outcome independent and just see were things go naturally.

I think this inner game mindset is very, very powerful because it allows the girl to feel comfortable with you and, try and make a connection.

The Mystery Method spoke about 7 hours being the average but to be fair its more like 14 on average.

Contrary to public opinion you can trade your way out of the friendzone if you get put in there. I have done this before.

I noticed that there has always been this big debate about direct vs indirect. I think most guys are focused on the smaller picture.

The bigger picture is more important. Actually its fundamental to female biology. That is a women needs to feel comfortable with you to sleep with you.

Most guys think with their dick and, don’t see it from her point of view or natures point of view.

If guys just adhered to minimum 2+ dates before they started escalating then I think his results would go up.

This whole idea about ‘what do I say’ is also missing the point. If a girl is not interested in sleeping with you then she will NOT shit test you.

Every girl has her timeline when it comes to feeling comfortable with you.

Think of the girl. Put the girl first. Yes thats right put her front and centre first before yourself. She will think ‘fuck this guy is not such a wierd cunt after all’. She’ll probably even sleep with you at some point.

Whether it takes 2 dates or 10. Does it matter. As long as she’s still hanging around with you. She thinks your a cool guy.

Cool guys get laid. Wankers don’t.

Just my thoughts.

Nick Krauser’s ‘Daygame Infinite’. Great book. Get it.

4 hour 2nd date

Hi there fellows,

I had a 4 hour date 2 with a chinese hb 8, 21 year old.

What’s the secret to racking up the 7 hour average time shall you say?!

Deep rapport.

How to do deep rapport on date.

Step 1, run ‘how many differen’t types of people are you on any given day, month, week’ etc. Run this on 1st date.

Step 2, run ‘what is your purpose in life’, “what get’s you out of bed in the morning”, “how long does it take for you to get out of bed?!”.

A deep connection is now made, and this builds instant trust and, allows you and, her to share something in common.

Next thing you know, you’ve hit the 5 to 7 hour mark of comfort time according to ‘The Mystery Method’.

You can now move onto seduction.

Just remember to kino half way through the date and, once more at the end to spike things up.

Also remember to run some verbal escalation during the date.

Just some random pic to make you all horny?!

Deep Rapport

My date the other night, was like this but with red wine.

Hi again my friend, my fellow daygame brother.

Some golden nuggets for you to takeaway from today’s lesson, or should I say masterclass.

I had 3 dates on the weekend with 3 differen’t girls.

I ran deep rapport on them and, discovered something, another glitch in the matrix?!

Step 1: You run the ‘questions game’.

Step 2: Through the questions game you ask about ‘how many different types of faces they have?’ within any given month.

I noticed this topic get’s the women really, really interested in chatting with you about their many different faces or masks one wears in daily life.

I noticed they also instantly trust you after that.

The reasoning for asking such a question is that women are probably 4 different types of personalities in any given month.

Why you ask?……

Thr reasoning or theory is that they have 4 different phases in their ovulation cycle and, thus feel differently about themselves with each change in their cycle.