There are some basic truths, I’ve learnt from chatting up women on the street.

The power of subcommunication. Being in the moment with your thoughts and, expressing them through the implied.

That authenticity or spontaneity is your VIBE.

Underneath that is your STATE.

Clearing your mind of the past and future. Expressing whatever comes into it in that moment is key.

The moment comes and the moment goes. A new moment comes and it goes again. You have to let go of that fleeting moment and embrace the new one just as quickly as the old one came and went. This is called being in the now. Being in the moment.

I noticed that women are designed to read facial expressions far better than men.

I think women are attracted to men who have the look of ‘now’.

This is the basis of attraction.

Think a wicked thought about her as you look into her eyes. See that thought crystalize in her eyes. Thats without saying anything.

If you have to say something sexual, infer it. Inference is more powerful then stating it.

Let her draw her own conclusions. Let her imagination run wild. It will do all the work for you. She will then connect those fantasies to you.

Remember, inference is King.

The I date that ended in a K close.


Hi there Daygame maniacs,

I’ve had 6, 1st dates and, 2 second dates thus far.

I know where I’m falling short as a novice inspired taking relentless action daygamer?!


Step 1: Approach (Need to do more numbers 30 – 50 front and, side stops)

Step 2: Don’t hide your dick (tick)

Step 3: Close strong (sometimes I eject half way thru the set when they say they have to go)(Tom Torero close “You gotta go, I gotta go…”)

Step 4: Text (tick)

Step 5: Escalate to kiss on date (Thighs, shoulders – Fingers – ear lobes, hair – floppy test – kiss) acknowledge Krauser.

Lead home.

Fractionate LMR.

My friends.