Field lay report

It’s been over a year now and, I suppose I’m ok with writing up my sordid liaisons with the women I met from Daygame.

I’ll start with the very first women I ended up sleeping with.

This post will be in 2 parts. First part will be the field report. Second part will be about the lay.

Field report:

It was around a year ago on a Thursday. It was a wintry cold evening at my local supermarket. Just after 7:30pm I noticed the crowds would disperse and, go home for dinner, leaving only the single people about to do their shopping.

I thought I’d do some twighlight game.

I was walking past the isles looking for a girl to chat up. There weren’t many women at this time to choose from. There were alot of construction worker type guys hanging out in groups and, pairs doing their shopping. I felt the spotlight effect from these guys and, my Approach Anxiety went up a gear.

I was thinking to myself how shit is this. It’s cold, late, not many women around. Not many women that are worthy enough for a pickup attempt. They all were pretty ordinary looking. Then I noticed this Milf in an isle. My DNA tug was triggered.

She was wearing long black fuck me boots. She had curly fair hair and, was lanky looking. I just remember checking out her ass. She had this nice love heart shaped ass wrapped in tight black work pants.

She was just standing there bent over looking at something. There was only one problem. There were 2 burly looking blokes in her isle doing their shopping. The AA went up a gear.

I decided to start my breathing technique to combat my AA. I did a full tour of the supermarket before coming back around again.

5 minutes later I passed her isle. She was still standing there. Still on her own. Best of all the 2 guys that were in her isle had vanished. It was like a sign from the Daygame gods to approach.

I had a hunch that she was ovulating because she was just meandering there on the spot with no where to go.

So I went in. Walked straight upto her and, opened.

She was still bent over to the the side of me looking at coffee. I was thinking god that ass is so nice. I just want to grab it and, slap it.

She came up and was still gorking at the coffee like she hadn’t noticed that I was right there. I think she might have been lost in her own world.

I then opened. I said “did you find the right coffee”. She faced me, smiled and, gave me 2+ secs of eye contact. She answered and, proceeded to tell me how many there were to choose from. She said it with a slight giggle underneath her voice and, a slight cheeky smile.

I knew I had an attracted girl on my hands. She looked in her late 40’s, kept her figure in great shape and, had a descent looking face.

I introduced myself with the floppy hand test. She passed. She let me hold her floppy hand for around 5 secs before politely sliding away.

I then went into my 1, 2, 3 routine.

1. Mild compliment  

2. Say something quirky about what you see and, twist it  

3. Listen for the topic and, riff off it. Combine this with the tease.

I think I said this “You look very, very nice. What I noticed about you is that you remind me of a ginger cat dressed in black. Am I right?”

She said that she was looking to stack up on heaps of coffee for a country rock concert she was attending on the weekend.

So I said “When I think of a ginger cat all in black, looking for coffee….I think that’s a bit wierd….a bit odd….cause I never knew ginger cats can drink coffee.”

She said with a big smile and, slight laugh, “I don’t know what coffee to buy thou”.

I said “Well I think it’s your hair and, black boots”. I touched her hair when I said it. She loved it.

I then said “ginger cats can’t drink coffee cause they have tiny paws and, cant hold the coffee cup.”

She was smiling and, laughing. She then proceeded to tell me why she thought she was into coffee and, why she had fair ginger hair. Bingo, I had investment.

I then went into the standard comfort stuff. 3 things about me. 3 things about her. I then looked into her eyes and, said “you have nice eyes…they sparkle abit”. She cooed and, smiled again”.

I was still nervous at this point so I decided to bail. I closed her out and, got her number.

I said “I gotta go, looks like you gotta go….but another time….I’d like to invite you out for a coffee.”

When I got home from that set, I waited a couple of hours then texted her at around 10pm. She replied about 20 minutes later with investment.

I thought awesome. Things were looking good.

Texts were exchanged through out the week. We went back and forth until we settled on a date for Friday night coffee. It was pretty straight forward the texting. I thought she could be a yes girl.

The other thing that was bizaar was that she said yes to coffee at night. I thought definitely a yes girl.

I met her at this Bar restaurant type venue at around 9pm.

I said let’s get a wine instead as it was a bit late for coffee. She agreed. Great sign from the Daygame gods.

End of field report. Next post will be about this date, the second date and, the lay.

She had ginger blondish hair.

Buy me a coffee

Helps me bring you infield results.

Score card from New years eve sarge

Pushed for an Instant date, went well, number closed. She responded to feeler text the next day.

Young asian chick HB8, had a boyfriend, I plowed alittle. 5 minute set, close but no cigar on idate close and, number close. Pushed for facebook. Said “I won’t tell him, if you don’t” and, winked at her. No success.

HB8 in her mid 20’s smoking and, waiting for a taxi outside station. Same outcome as above. Both sets loved my teasing etc etc. This girl thanked me sincerely for the compliment as I walked away. Close but no cigar.

Opened and number closed ordinary Philippino girl at train station as I got home. Sent feeler text the next day at lunch time. She responded.

Score card summary: 2 numbers and 1 idate. Both on and, in play. Will keep you posted with outcomes.

Stay thirsty my friends )

The 7 numbers

From set 1 to set 186, I have managed to close 7 numbers. Each number from 1 upto my 7th, I have learnt alot along the way and, made mistakes.

This post is a micro analysis of each of those numbers and, what to do during set to make it solid, the number that is e.g so it dun flake.

1st No. did charisma and, charm through cold read and, story telling.

What I did not do is sexual tension, ground the set and, qualification questions.

End result: Got a reply to my ping text, she wanted a friend.

2nd No. did charisma and, charm through cold read and, story telling.

What I did not do is same as above.

End result: she ghosted me (no reply to my ping text), vacuumed for 48 hrs, no reply, vacuumed for 1 week, no reply.

3rd No. did charisma, charm and, sexual tension.

What I did not do is ground the set and, qualify her… and, she didn’t play along with the maradona move.


End result: she ghosted me.

4th No. did charisma, charm, sexual tension.

What I did not do is ground the set and, qualify.

End result: she ghosted me.

5th No. Did charisma, charm, sexual tension, grounded the set.

Did not qualify her, and strong hand shake like a job interview on the maradona move.

End result: she ghosted me.

6th No. Done charisma, charm, sexual tension, grounded the set and, qualified her.

End result: she was looking for a boyfriend or friend, she couldn’t decide as she just broke up with her long term boyfriend. I went overt with my intentions of casual sex over the text.

Lesson learnt: when shit tested always ignore and, change the subject matter, then if she presse’s, agree and, be overt with your intentions.

The game is played in the implied (covert communication) not the overt. If you have to be overt with your communication style then you have lost and, she has won the battle.

7th No. work in progress, will keep you updated, thus to say was a solid set.

You pervert… looked ;