Went on a date last night with this 8ish Filipino girl 26. She had a body like on the special k commercial. Lot’s of AI’s dreamy eyes etc. Massive smiles.

I want to talk about how women shit test you right of the bat. They start to shit test you over the text when your teeing up the meet.

What I learnt about the right frame is this?

Women are like cats and, the man is the master or cat owner so to speak.

In the context of a date; the cat serves it’s owner with affection etc.

In return the owner looks after the cat and, has it’s best welfare at heart.

The owner does not serve the cat. The owner does not go to the cat. The cat comes to the owner while the owner is doing their own thing.

The owner either furnishes the cat with affection or not based on their own mood.

Simply put, he is the master and, he is in control of what happens to the cat.

Just something to think about next time your on a date with a broad.

You set the meet place, venues etc, not her.

You tell her “no”.

You tell her “were doing xyz”.

It’s your way or the highway.

Similar look to her…dressed in tight black dress up to her butt almost.


I went on a date the other night. I did the comfort thing etc but, I did make one fundamental mistake.

I surrendered the frame.

Lesson learnt from date….women are always testing your frame. The reason is that women love strength in a guy.

The moment you fail her test and, surrender the frame, you then enter hers automatically.

Her pussy stops tingling for you and, she loses interest in you.

Note to self: When ever tee ing up logistics for the date, always set the date, time and, venue.

Always lead…lead….lead.

If she flakes to test your frame then next her.


Could have been me…..but I fucked up!?