Topic and Hook

When I write these posts, there more for me to remember a learning point from a sarge and, for anyone that’s listening out there and, might want to learn from a beginner to intermediate guy in Daygame.

These days my AA and, me not freezing in set not knowing what to say are not an issue.

The hard part in game and, what I’m starting to realise is that listen for the TOPIC and, riffing of it is a whole other skill set altogether.

The second thing that’s hard but I’m also starting to get better at it, is recognising HOOK POINT.

Recognising when you hook is alot harder then the former and, is especially difficult when the girl is not investing.

Sometimes the girl will not invest but is still standing there. Maybe it’s because she’s shy. Sometimes it’s because she has a fella and, sometimes it’s because she’s single but not attracted to you.

It’s all a bit bizaar sometimes.

Someone write a comment and, give me their two bobs worth?!

Just something to look at.

Similar to the Armenian girl that hooked today, but couldn’t close.