I went on a date the other night. I did the comfort thing etc but, I did make one fundamental mistake.

I surrendered the frame.

Lesson learnt from date….women are always testing your frame. The reason is that women love strength in a guy.

The moment you fail her test and, surrender the frame, you then enter hers automatically.

Her pussy stops tingling for you and, she loses interest in you.

Note to self: When ever tee ing up logistics for the date, always set the date, time and, venue.

Always lead…lead….lead.

If she flakes to test your frame then next her.


Could have been me…..but I fucked up!?

The 50

What I am starting to learn about Opening sets and, getting idates, phone numbers, dates etc is that you need to have the abundance mentality to help with flaking.

Half your phone numbers flake, the other half don’t come out on dates. Pushing for idates works out only 25% of the time.

The end result is that you put all that hard work and, discipline in to have most of it fail.

At this point in the game you start to question why your even attempting to do daygame. Is it worth it etc.

This is where the never quit mindset comes into play (aka those Navy Seal guys in the US of A).

A weak minded gamma male or beta guy would quit because he just doesn’t have what it takes.

Whereas a Sigma male keeps going…and, going, and going.

The 50 sets you must Open every week to strengthen your mind against flaking comes from Tom Torero’s teachings. Thanks Tom for the foundations to game and, helping the next generation coming thru.

30 to 50 sets to open every week are the numbers.

As Alec Baldwin say’s in that movie ‘Glengarry Glen Ross’ “get likewise gentleman”.

Refering to the ancient Greek story of Sisyphus.

Daygame makes you better

I was thinking about what Navy Seal guy Jocko Willink said;

“Discipline equals freedom”.

Let’s apply that truth to game. You embrace pain and suffering through hard workouts to up or maintain your SMV (sexual market value).

You go to bed early and, get up early to be consistent with your workouts (P.T) (physical training).

This discipline not only ups your value for game but makes you more productive in other areas of your life.

You embrace discomfort and, blowouts from pickup far easier.

You are more consistent at Opening sets. You will automatically without thinking to much about it, Open more sets.

Your more horny from working out, so you overcome AA (approach anxiety) easier.

End result: you get more idates, numbers.

Leads to more dates and, the abundance mentality from spinning more plates (aknowledge Rollo Tomassi – plate theory).

To sum it up in a nutshell;

Discipline = freedom

Go put in the hardwork fellas.

Does he look like his working hard

2 Greatest Rules of Game

Hi there fellow daygamer,

I’m a guy who get’s straight to the point….no fucking around.

2 things that are more important then everything else in your life;

1. Become a workout machine.

2. Become a Approach machine (Open every day)

To be an expert at game, you must prioritize these 2 rules above your life in general.

E.g Unemployed = hit the gym, approach girl

Work to much = hit the gym 5am, approach girls at lunch and, afterwork.

Wokeup on Saturday feeling like shit = Do 4 hour daygame session, approach girls

Sunday feeling like daygame revulsion from Saturday’s sarge = hit the gym, then open girls.

Always Be working out.

Always Be Opening.


Discipline = This