Lay Report Part 2

It was a Friday night. I was waiting at the local tavern restaurant type establishment. I was waiting for the Milf to arrive. She was about 15 minutes late.

She soon arrived. She apologized for being late. She said she had been kept back at the office. It was a good sign to start the date.

I said it’s a bit late for coffee, let’s get a couple of drinks. Do you drink wine. She said sure, good idea. Another great sign that she was up for it that night.

I said do you drink red or white. She preferred red so I said hold these seats and, I’ll get us two house wines in the red colour.

We sat down with our wines and preceeded to fill each other in on our life stories. Past present and, future is what is referred to in Game as ‘deep connection’.

After we finished our first round, I suggested that we proceed to the pub across the road. Sure enough, she was up for it. So I lead her across the road to the pub on the corner.

She ordered her meal and, I ordered another round of drinks. This time she was up for a sparkling white wine and, she paid for it.

Great sign of investment. Any time a girl invests is a sure sign that she genuinely is attracted to you. The evening was looking good.

We chatted more, while I started to kino, and do verbal escalation.

She was into it all. Half way through her meal she got up and, said that she had to go to the bathroom. Another great sign. Means that she’s pampering up her face to get ready for some action.

We left the venue and, I decided to lead by holding her hand. She loved it and, started resting her head on my left shoulder.

In a book written by 60 years of challenge he talks about how the hands of a women don’t lie. If she gives you her hand and, you mutually caress it and, she does the same back to you. Then it’s a sure sign that she’s into you.

If she does not give you her hand, then you are getting tooled.

She also was closing the proximity on me as I was holding her hand. She did this by snuggling up to me as we walked back to the car.

I decided to go in for the kiss. Bingo she loved it and, we started french kissing. She was really good at twirling her tongue around my tongue. It was fucking awesome and, I was thinking how good is this. Only by doing Daygame do you get these privileges.

By the way, just a note on her dress. Long black zip up fuck me boots, sexy as hell, and a tight pair of dark blue denim jeans to accentuate her ass and curves. I leaned in and, smelt her neck. She smelt like strawberries mixed with vanilla. I was thinking what a fucking great night I’m having.

The mission in my head was to get my first lay from Game and to prove all this mind wank stuff REALLY works. To also get my first reference experience with banging a chick from Daygame.

It was all starting to come together. All the pieces of the puzzle as layed out in Nick Krauser’s books and, more importantly the GREAT Tom Torero. May he rest in peace. I consider him to be the Godfather of Daygame in my book with a close equal Nick Krauser.

Just before I go back to the story, I have to note that this opportunity would not be possible, not even considered back in my chode days.

Yes I’m going to admit it. I was a chode and, had a purity fantasy about women for most of my life. Now I realize how wrong I am and, how right guys (Kings) like Krauser and, Torero are on the biology between Men and, Women.

Back to the story, there I was walking hand in hand, kissing her tongue deep. As I was kissing her, I thought of this dark alley way I knew off on the way.

So I walked her there and, into the shadows of this quiet dark lane way. I pushed her up against the wall and, stiff armed her throat. She lit up with a big beaming smile. Her eyes glazed over her. She looked like she was high on cocaine. I then proceeded to kiss her. We french kissed for a bit. I put my hand on the top of her head and, pushed her down to indicate what would happen next.

She got the hint and…….

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How to Tease and, challenge

1. Say what you see and ‘twist’ it.

2. Say what your thinking in the moment.

3. Say what your feeling in the moment.

4. Recognise that the moment comes….and it goes. Grab onto the new moment and, express it out loud.

Women are attracted to men who freely emote verbally.

The morning after the lay. Couple weeks ago.