The Big Country

Watched this movie the other night. Was made back in 1958. Was an epic movie. All the attraction switches and, social sexual hierarchy stuff was in it.

Reminded me of the 5 attraction switches in the Mystery Method.

1. Leader of Men

2. Protector of loved ones

3. Ability to emote freely

4. Risk taking

5. Pre-selection

These are the 5 main attraction switches in women when it comes to being attracted to a guy.

That movie sumed it up in a nutshell. Great movie. Made well before PC was invented.

Made me think that the ‘London Front Stop’ and, the ‘London Daygame Model’ has at least 3 attraction switches triggered in the women. Maybe you can guess which ones they are?

Thank god for Yad, Krauser, Torero and, Jabba. My favourite Daygamers.

The Instant Date that almost resulted in a Kiss Close.

How to Tease and, challenge

1. Say what you see and ‘twist’ it.

2. Say what your thinking in the moment.

3. Say what your feeling in the moment.

4. Recognise that the moment comes….and it goes. Grab onto the new moment and, express it out loud.

Women are attracted to men who freely emote verbally.

The morning after the lay. Couple weeks ago.

Idate Russian

Just Instant dated a young Russian broad. Early 20’s ish. Absolute stunner.

She was dressed like Audrey Hepburn, so that was my tease.

Pulled her for a tea / hot choco venue. She said she had a boyfriend as I was leading.

I said “I don’t wanna be your boyfriend, but thanks for asking”.

Cracker of a date. I noticed the hair twirl and, eye mesmer. She closed the proximity on the walk.

Allowed some very light kino.

I just did deep connection rapport stuff.

No verbal escalation as she was so stunning I was scared shitless of how hot she was.

She looked dissapointed when I had to go at the end of it.

Number closed her for whatsapp.

How I feel after the Instant Date☺

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Signs shes an SNL / SDL

Had been sarging all day on Saturday and, it was the last set of the day.

Weather is a little bit wintery at the moment. This asian girl walks past with the most revealing gym knicker tights, upto her arse.

Revealing her entire fit legs upto her butt. Nice firm arse as well. Not to big, not to small, nice and, bunn like, like a burger bunn.

Worked up the courage to do a cold approach, london front stop on her.

She hooked immediately off the stop. How do I know?

She eye sparkled, smiled, was giggly and, the most important crucial tell tale sign!!….was she just stood there. She seemed like she had no place to be at in an immediate hurry. She just hung around and, stood there as I opened her.

She invested in the set like she had no where to go. She talked like she was really easy going and, open. Like she had the time and, day to have a yarn with you in the middle of a busy city centre street. That was out of place for the context we were in.

She reminded me of someone who is from the country. People from the country usually have the same characteristics.

That is they;

1. Chat with you about anything.

2. They are more open to having a yarn about nothing.

3. They smile alot and, are generally pretty friendly compared to city folk.

4. They usually will make time for you and, generally aren’t in a rush like city slickers are.

She had all these signs and, asked me a question on the open. So I knew I’d hooked early.

I did some comfort talk in the set then closed her for an Idate. She complied very easily.

Took her for hot chocolate late at around 5pm.

Bounced her for a walk in the park.

Here is the BIG thing; she was rubbing up against me as we walked side by side. Green light for she was closing the proximity on me.

I just held her hand, like she was my girlfriend at this point. She reciprocated easily.

Walk her through the park and, noticed she kept looking at my eyes.

Stopped, turned her to face me, held both her hands, looked into her eyes, said nothing. Waited for her to look down at my lips. It took her 10 seconds, then I went in for the kiss.

We sucked face on and, off through out the walk about 3 to 4 times.

It was on the 4th make out that my hands started to wonder down to her lovely arse. That’s when the LMR came up.

She said in a very lovely way, “I’m not sure if I can do this, I apologize”.

I used an anti LMR line from Tom Torero. “No no it’s me, I’m moving way to fast….this is way to fast….I don’t normally do this….move this fast.”

I rolled off, walked her to the city centre, number closed her and, got a nice kiss tongue and, all good bye. πŸ™‚

Was it an SNL, SDL?

Leave a comment and, let me know.

Her shorts were literally that short. She had short hair.

Lessons Learnt

This post is going to be about lessons Iearnt from Daygame.

I like to get straight to the point, no waffle, so here it goes;

1. I don’t do coffee daytime dates. I’v never been laid of one. They always, all seem to be Timewaster’s. The girl usually filter’s you for boyfriend box. You usually don’t get a second date.

2. Night dates is were it is at. If a girl decides to meet you for a date after the sun goes down, then there’s a high degree or possibility that she’s thinking of Dick.

There’s just something about meeting the girl when it’s night time as opposed to day time.

3. I don’t do Steve Jabba game as it’s to much sexual tension during the day on the street or in a shop. I think girls during the day who might be up for it want discretion. They don’t want other’s watching them as they get hit on in public. They want “plausible deniability” as Nick Krauser always says. I think he is 100% spot on.

4. I run the standard Daygame stuff but with Eye fucking, hand shake and, closing the proximity on a maybe or yes girl. That works and, is proven in my experience.

5. Over the text I push twice and, pull once as a ratio until she comes out on a date. I’m looking for girls who invest over the text.

Girls who don’t invest are most likely got another dude their interested in. You can’t convince them to come of the fence by pulling. I’ve never had any luck with these types. Your just wasting your time. They cannot be had full stop.

6. I’m not afraid to use NLP over the text. I notice it filters out girls who are not sexually up for it. And for the one’s that are, they respond really well to NLP. They LOVE it 😁

7. When I meet them for the first time on the first date at night, I don’t say much. I just hold both hands, eye fuck them, wait for their eyes to look down at my lips, she usually then looks away then looks back and, BAM go in for the kiss. This move right at the beginning of the night date will let you know pretty quickly wether the girl is tooling you or not.

If your in the Melbourne area and, want some free coaching, then check out my contacts page and, drop me a text.

If your a Daygamer in the Melbourne area and, looking for a wing then drop me a text.

I’m turning into Hugh Hefner slowly!

Date night….some no.

Had a date last night. She was definatly 2 points higher then my value.

28 Thai girl, looked 21, beautiful hair, always a lovely smile, cum fuck me eyes.

Got the kiss.

Lots of Kino.

This post is just about proof that Daygame gives you access to girls that are “YHT”.

Credit to:

Nick Krauser

Tom Torero

Steve Jabba

And, all the other London Daygame guys.

All smiles from the Aussie Daygamer.

Happy easter to all you Daygamers out there, getting it done!

Date Night, Japanese girl

Had a date 1 coffee filter date with a K Japanese girl.


1. Deep connection = tick

2. Lead = tick

3. Eyes = tick

4. Verbal escalation;

● Men and women be friends: tick

● Why are you single: had a boyfriend

● What type of guys do you date: tick

● 3 things I like in a girl: ASD on second hair smell attempt. Shoes to underwear verbal was a pass. Lipstick test was a fail as she had a mask on.

● What do you do for fun: tick

● What are your guilty pleasures: tick

● When was last time you had sex: “2 years ago with my boyfriend”

Then I started talking about vibrators.

She was pretty ok with that question. Big tick.

Sat down at the park bench side by side. Proximity was of. Legs crossed away from me so negative body language. So I lead her back to the train station. I decided to ‘Push’ her away and, cut the date short. I lead her to the train station, said I have to go, nice to meet you, gave her a kiss on the cheek. She allowed it, green light. She was suprised and, wanted to continue to follow but I said if you go that way, that will take you home, I have to go.

Looked nothing like her. Date was a HB 8. Can you see the nipple!

Date night outcome

So just continuing on from previous post.

Had date 1 in park with a hot American. First I’ll write up what was bad about the date in terms of applying game principles.

Then I’ll write up what was good about it all.

Bad: First off, she talked to much, was walking fast and, was generally trying to lead at stages in the date.

Polarity was alittle bit fucked.

I got stuck in rapport, deep connection stuff because she lead the conversation down that path.

I just went along with it because she was so fucking nice. I suppose I was in public and, was afraid to be a bit adversarial with her.

She was genuinely a nice person. This was disarming for me. I just melted into being somewhat of a nice guy 😐.

She had a trip booked the next morning so she couldn’t stay out all night.

This dude she had a trip booked with was married and, a long time friend. Bit fucked I thought.

The Good: She had all the signs of a R select women. She’s 35.

She invested alot.

She allowed all my kino ☺

She invited me to venue 2 for a second round of drinks.

She allowed a close of proximity and, kiss on the cheek when first greeting her.

She allowed me to do this again when I was trying for the kiss on the departure end of date.

She allowed me to do some verbal escalation at the end of date.


I got in some verbal escalation i e

Why are you single?

What type of guys do you date, bad guys, good guys?

What are some of your guilty pleasures?

Manage to kino ie

Some hands, not alot. Tattoos alot. Hair.

Floppy test was fucked as she was always trying to sit opposite me. Maybe it was the virus shit coming back again.

She had the mask on at the tram stop when I was gonna verbalise the kiss. Then her tram came.

I tried to verbalise the kiss last time on a date but it didn’t work.

I’m a believer in understating stuff and, scanning her as to whether she closes the proximity on you or not.

As Nick Krauser wrote in Daygame Infinite. It’s like a 25% chance or something that your going to sleep with her on the first date.

So in conclusion I have failed.

I will try now to push for a 2nd date.

The park we had a picnic in.

No kiss

Was sarging on the Saturday.

Got a solid number feeler reply and, an Instant date. Iranian girl, looked 19 – 21, was actually 36. Blew my mind.

She had all the ovulating signs on the pre-approach checklist.

Hooked and, had a 10 minute interaction in the street.

Pulled her for a 20 minute cohhee. Ran some verbal escalation on her. Ran some kino on her.

Walked her to the park. Ran some more verbal escalation.

Then walked her to a English style pub. I realize women try to put me in the boyfriend box when I run deep connection material. So on this date I tried to keep it in the man-women frame by verbally escalating.

Lead her to the second alcohol venue. This one was darker etc.

She bought the second round. The house wine was shite by the way. Ran some compliance and, tried for the floppy test but the seating was fucked.

I whispered into her ear that I wanted to kiss her, but no success. Tried twice over the space of 15 minutes.

Walked her back to the station after that and, bailed on her half way. Said I have to meet someone but another time etc (number close).

She tried to snatch the frame back by that stage by saying that she was looking for a relationship.

I said I’m only looking for something casual.

We did the pleasantries, no number, and parted ways.

Lessons learnt;

1. Realized that women will close the proximity on you as she starts to feel more comfortable with you. Happened on the second alcohol venue.

2. It’s a verbal silent wrestling match on the verbals. Frame battle.

3. The furtherest I’ve been on running the train for an SDL.

4. Had no F location between the coffee date and, walk in the park.

Overall, I’m hooking 1 / 3 sets.

I’m Instant dating or number closing 1 / 6 sets.

And, I’m doing Attraction on street and, Seduction on date.

Overall BIG improvement on my skills set from 6 months ago.

You learn from the pain that comes from failure and, it makes you sharper in your skills set.

Just something to look at and, Persian. The ayatollahs would be pissed!