Fools mate

These are my thoughts on Mode One and, Pickup.

I think most women’s threshold for “comfort” sit somewhere in the middle.

To paraphrase Steve Jabba “Every womens comfort level is different. Some need more comfort, some need less. Some don’t need any comfort at all and, will just fuck”.

The Mystery Method writes “To begin with Seduction first is Fools mate”.

I think only a tiny number of girls are “Yes girls” which Mode One would work on. Even then they are gonna want some comfort afterwards and, would probarly ghost you once you go down a gear to comfort building.

All the girls I fucked on the first or second date ended up ghosting me afterwards.

I think it’s because of “Buyers Remorse”.

The pro’s and, con’s of both sides of the coin?

Overt direct Mode one communication;

Pros = Filters out Time Wasters. Filters for Yes girls.

Cons = Buyers Remorse. She wriggles of the hook before you’ve fucked her, a “Maybe girl” that is.

Covert Indirect Direct communication;

Pros = Comfort building, ongoing sex, socially acceptable.

Cons = Waste time on dates to nowhere with Timewaster types.

Ross Jeffries said “You burst the sexual tension bubble when you go overt”.

He said “women are attracted to sexual tension”. “Women are attracted to the anticipation of getting laid”.

My thoughts are this;

We are talking about biology and, millions of years of human evolution.

As The Mystery Method book states;

Back when we were cave men. The women wants to know that if she gets knocked up by you. That cave man you with a big stick will hang around to protect her and, the bun in her oven from the saba tooth tiger.

She doesn’t know it to be sure, she just feels it. Buyers remorse. It’s hard wired into her hind brain. Millions of years of evolution.

That’s why Tom Torero said “The crem dela crem of pickup is somewhere between indirect and, direct language”.

Indirect, Direct. Or it should be refered to as Direct, Indirect.

That is your Direct with your eyes, subcommunication and, touch. Your Indirect with your verbals.

Your On with your subcommunication and, physical. Your Off with your words.

If you have to be On verbally then you can use innuendo or NLP.

My conclusion is that a Venesian artist should always practice “Solid game”.

Solid game is hard. Always consistently work on your value and, open. Do the numbers. It will make you better at your set and, reading the women. Numbers overcomes all.

On value, hit the gym loose the weight. Keep it off. Stop drinking.

Could be your next date?!

Kill Your Inner Beta

This post is going to be about the section in Rollo Tomassi’s book ‘The Rationale Male’ “Kill your inner beta”.

I think Daygame is all about addressing this very issue. I’ve met a few guys over 1 year now who try Daygame and, fail or give up for whatever reason unknown.

I know from first hand experience that most guys are pussies and Beta as fuck.

Most guy’s I’ve met who do or tried Daygame cannot peel back those ‘layers to the onion’ so to speak.

This is where I’m at with my Daygame skills set:

1. Read the subs, is On / or Off (1 in 4 is On sexually)

2. Physical compliance tests (to confirm the subs at step 1. On / Off sexually)

3. Tease and, challenge (assumption plus stack, comfort and qualification)

Does she hang around for upto 5 minutes?

4. If you have all 3 previous steps ticked off then step 4 is “Verbal Overt Direct Communication”.

This is where I think “Mode One” comes into it.

Start of from PG-13 language and, work your way upto R rated, xxx rated language. “From 0 to 100 km’s per hour slowly” so to speak.

5. Close for number of course.

My game is at step 4. Currently working on that part. At the moment I’m at PG-13 language.

I will let you know what the results are as I improve on this step.

Currently as I write this post, My city ‘Melbourne’ is in lockdown. It’s always in fucking lockdown cause of the virus.

Waiting for these shitty Labour party hacks in the State Parliament to lift the lockdowns.

Will be back at it again Sarging at some point.

Chow for now you Beta pussies. If your not then follow my blog. Otherwise fuck off and, take the blue pill.

Just something to look at?!

Mode One; Alan Roger Currie

I want to start off by saying that the objective of this post is to challenge Pickup Artists to read the book:

‘Mode One, Let the women know what your really thinking.’

A serious Daygamer should consider the concepts in this book and, compare it to their own experiences to interactions they have had with women through Daygame.

I think that if a man grows some BIG BALLS and, does Mode One in PRIVATE then it would dispell the misbelieve from Tom Torero that to paraphrase his words ‘Women will punish men who use Overt and, direct communication about wanting sex’.

I think Daygame teaches you how to read a women’s subcommunication (mainly eyes) and, body language.

This is to see if her behaviour is congruent to the likelihood of having sex with you.

The downside to Daygame is that it teaches a man to talk to much which kills sexual attraction.

The only Pickup Artist that comes close to creating sexual attraction towards a women is Steve Jabba.

He talks about crossing the line with sexual tension.

Parroting and, Vacuuming as the ‘push’ right at the beginning of the set.

Phsyical compliance tests to see if she is off or on in regards to the likelihood of sex.

Daygame although good in it’s application, lacks that knock out punch so to speak.

Something is missing, a piece to the puzzle maybe.

That something maybe ‘Mode One, Let the women know what your really thinking’.

That’s the bloke there.