No girls

I just wanted to write a post about No girls.

Daygame is hard. It’s very hard. There’s a section at the end of ‘Balls Deep’ author Nick Krauser about most girls being a No.

It’s an interesting view on biology and, why most girls you’ll meet will be a No.

I won’t go into the biological take on why most girls are no. It’s highly recommended that you read Nick Krauser’s ‘Balls Deep’ memoir. In particular the part at the end of the book about why most girls are no.

What I will talk about in this blog post is that there is a sliding scale of No to Yes. A girl could fit anywhere on that scale.

Let’s say a 1 is an extreme Yes girl and a 10 is an extreme No girl. Let’s say a 5 is in the middle.

According to Krauser’s biological take on the subject matter, most girls will be somewhat in the middle. Some might be a 6 or a 7 towards the No side.

Some might be a 3 or 4 on the Yes side. Meaning more likely to say Yes with enough comfort time.

5 is in the middle leaning toward a No.

So according to Krauser, most girls would be around the 4 to 8 levels of No. Also known as Maybe girls.

His saying the reason for this is that biologically women will produce a limited number of eggs throughout their life time.

A man will produce an unlimited number of sperm over his life spand.

Nature has programmed women to protect their limited supply of eggs, while programming the guy to propagate and, scatter his sperm with many women as possible over his life spand.

This allows the offspring to be as robust as can be so the next generation is strong enough to survive and, replicate the species.

So when a girl ends up being a No. You gotta work out on what scale is she a no.

You then play the percentages accordingly with comfort time based on each individual girl.

That’s why Same day lays are rare because only a small no. of girls are in the extreme Yes side of the scale.

That’s why the Game is played in the Maybe category.

Some girls are Maybe. Most girls are No.

That’s why you got to do the numbers. 30 – 50 sets a week.

Because most girls are No.

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London front stop

I just wanted to make a post about the ‘London Day Game Model’. In particular the “London front stop”.

I was out sarging on saturday and, I was trying to perfect the ‘front stop’.

I discovered 3 things that gets over looked.

1. CUT IN; You get eye from the side as you wheel around, hand comes out for stop signal, you say “excuse me”.

This is the important part coming up….you break the girls momentum with the eye contact so she’s about to stop. This is were you cut into square up to the girl so your front on. VERY BIG LEARNING POINT.

This is the point right here and, what smashes your AA and, increases your confidence on the street. This I believe is what seperates the men from the boys and, makes you a true ‘Daygamer’.

2. A small number of girls will crack a smile and, be beaming with excitement with whats about to come out of your mouth (the mild compliment) before you have delivered it.

Note; this suggests a “yes girl” or a “strong maybe girl”.

3. If you have to catch up to a girl that triggers your “fuck she’s hot sense” then walk up to her and, try to close the distance before you start your run up.

This is so that the approach is more under the radar and, doesn’t trigger a cock block or white knight calling the cops on you. (Yes I have had that happen and, I’m still here, still alive and, day gaming).

That’s it; over and out from the aussie dude daygamer.

Credit Tom Torero and, Nick Krauser for the London front stop.

The Daygame Gods

Did a set this morning at around 10am. Was a fucking solid set. Tight game, as tight as can be.

She responded to the feeler text. Currently in progress, will keep you updated as to wether I fuck it up or not.

I think it looks like a set of glory, a possible +2 on the way.

I think the Daygame gods have smiled upon me today and, I must say could be because of Nick Krauser’s book “Daygame Infinite”.

I will do a book review on it once I have finished reading it.

The main takeaway I learnt today is always concentrate on the most important thing in set….the meat and, potatoes.

The Assumption and, Stack. Say what you see and, be spontaneous about it.

And, hopefully the Daygame gods will smile upon you.

Don’t forget to run some comfort and, qualification after that.

That should be tight as fuck game as you’ll ever get. 5 – 10 minutes in set.

For tight game.


Sarged on Saturday and, discovered a little glitch in the game:

Was doing more front stops (Nick Krauser was right). Front stops scare the girl a little and, get her submitting from the start. Very powerful. Was doing more of them and, with the 3 things you need (eye contact, stop signal with hand gesture and, most important **Conviction**).

2nd discovery was teasing and, challenging. The revelation that dawned on me was that you gotta keep hitting her with a wide array of teases not just one. The objective should be to get the girl rooted to the ground with her feet like a tree so she doesn’t keep moving. You achieve this through constant bombardment of teases and, challenges.

Try to keep this up for as long as possible or until she asks a question.

The trick is in the spontaneity of the teasing.

The moment you sense she is about to start moving her feet, close her out with the Tom Torero close.

First she will say, “I gotta get going I’m meeting a friend”. Then her feet will shift slightly away from you. You will be able to feel this shift when the set is near it’s end.

Then close “You’ve gotta go, I’ve gotta go….but another time, I’d like to invite you out for a cup of coffee……what do you say?”

If she does not use the word ‘no’ then anything else is a signal to lead and, take her number.

“I’ll get your number”. Hand her the phone.

A couple of the girls initiated the feeler text straight away after closing a couple of hours later.

Never had that happen before.


Felt like Neo on the weekend.
I think I’m the one?!