There are some basic truths, I’ve learnt from chatting up women on the street.

The power of subcommunication. Being in the moment with your thoughts and, expressing them through the implied.

That authenticity or spontaneity is your VIBE.

Underneath that is your STATE.

Clearing your mind of the past and future. Expressing whatever comes into it in that moment is key.

The moment comes and the moment goes. A new moment comes and it goes again. You have to let go of that fleeting moment and embrace the new one just as quickly as the old one came and went. This is called being in the now. Being in the moment.

I noticed that women are designed to read facial expressions far better than men.

I think women are attracted to men who have the look of ‘now’.

This is the basis of attraction.

Think a wicked thought about her as you look into her eyes. See that thought crystalize in her eyes. Thats without saying anything.

If you have to say something sexual, infer it. Inference is more powerful then stating it.

Let her draw her own conclusions. Let her imagination run wild. It will do all the work for you. She will then connect those fantasies to you.

Remember, inference is King.

The I date that ended in a K close.

Sexual Tension

This is my first post in a while so apologies. Just been working and, doing lot’s of Front Stops 😁

Had some dates with some stunners. I’ve also been trying to maintain or up my value (artificially inflate it thru game).

I was also trying out some Mode 1 stuff over the phone for the seduction stage. Trying to bypass the dating part.

Here’s what I have learnt so far.

A.) Ross Jefferies is right about bursting the sexual tension bubble when you overtly talk about sex.

B.) Love Drop aka Chris Odom is correct about the key being ‘spontaneity’ is what women want when it comes to the F close.

C.) Love Drop is correct about women wanting ‘plausible deniability’ when it comes to the F close.

D.) Nick Krauser is correct about women having a ‘Timeline’. LMR occurs when you are pushing for the F close ahead of her timeline. Or as Mystery says “the game is played in comfort”.

This is where I think Mode One can work. Hear me out for a moment. I’m now about to make the arguement supporting the ‘Radical Honesty’ concept with girls.

I think about 15% of women are R select. With those type of girls I found overt sexualised speech can be used as Attraction material. It does work to attract the girl but you still have to do comfort when you meet her. You still have to have some value which shows up or doesn’t on the F date.

R select women still have their timeline and, it’s different for all women.

R select women know your casual sex material and, not a prospect for a relationship before the lay has occured. They might wiggle of the hook if a relationship type guy comes along. Hence missing out on the lay.

The R select girl still has to be somewhat available. (Krauser “most girls are not available”.)

How to pick the R select type on the street?

Long floppy hand hold. Allows the proximity to be encroached. Direct eyes plus smile and maybe giggle. Laughs at everything you say.

Note: I have not tried Mode one on the street. I don’t recommend it. I have tried it over the phone on R select girls who have invested on the text first.

Some Peacocking during a Daygame set!


There are 2 things you must do that help you Open consistently.

1. Workout everyday: This get’s you out of the house away from your smart phone device.

It also get’s you out of your head so you stop thinking about shit.

Gives you confidence to Open because you know your working on your SMV (value).

Gives you adrenaline which you need for energy to deal with the act of face to face meetings with girls. There’s something slightly confrontational in a non confrontational way when talking to someone you just met face to face. Must be AA (approach anxiety).

2. Don’t watch porn.

Not watching porn leads to having the urge to jerk off less.

This leads to being more horny and, overcoming AA easily.

You end up Opening girls more frequently.

The end result should be 30 to 50 approaches a week.

Happy hunting.

Don’t you wish you had this! Then Open some more sets you pussy.

Daygame makes you better

I was thinking about what Navy Seal guy Jocko Willink said;

“Discipline equals freedom”.

Let’s apply that truth to game. You embrace pain and suffering through hard workouts to up or maintain your SMV (sexual market value).

You go to bed early and, get up early to be consistent with your workouts (P.T) (physical training).

This discipline not only ups your value for game but makes you more productive in other areas of your life.

You embrace discomfort and, blowouts from pickup far easier.

You are more consistent at Opening sets. You will automatically without thinking to much about it, Open more sets.

Your more horny from working out, so you overcome AA (approach anxiety) easier.

End result: you get more idates, numbers.

Leads to more dates and, the abundance mentality from spinning more plates (aknowledge Rollo Tomassi – plate theory).

To sum it up in a nutshell;

Discipline = freedom

Go put in the hardwork fellas.

Does he look like his working hard

2 Greatest Rules of Game

Hi there fellow daygamer,

I’m a guy who get’s straight to the point….no fucking around.

2 things that are more important then everything else in your life;

1. Become a workout machine.

2. Become a Approach machine (Open every day)

To be an expert at game, you must prioritize these 2 rules above your life in general.

E.g Unemployed = hit the gym, approach girl

Work to much = hit the gym 5am, approach girls at lunch and, afterwork.

Wokeup on Saturday feeling like shit = Do 4 hour daygame session, approach girls

Sunday feeling like daygame revulsion from Saturday’s sarge = hit the gym, then open girls.

Always Be working out.

Always Be Opening.


Discipline = This