How to Tease and, challenge

1. Say what you see and ‘twist’ it.

2. Say what your thinking in the moment.

3. Say what your feeling in the moment.

4. Recognise that the moment comes….and it goes. Grab onto the new moment and, express it out loud.

Women are attracted to men who freely emote verbally.

The morning after the lay. Couple weeks ago.

Charm + Charisma and Vibe

What I noticed about alot of my Daygame sets is this;

Women who responded to my teasing and, challenging and, good vibe, where more genuine and honest with me on dates and, over texts.

I think they liked me for me. Not for anything else. That’s why they came out on a date with me.

The sets were I up’d the sexual tension e.g more SOI’s, more Kino, did less charm and, charisma, I got more timewasters. I got financial timewaster types. I sometimes got girls who wanted a relationship. Sometimes I got girls who just wanted free attention.

I think the difference in outcome is obvious.

When I up’d the charm and, vibe and, did less sexual tension, I noticed the women that came out on those dates where more real and, authentic. I got less timewaster types.

3 SOI’s is about right. 4 to 5 is too much sexual intent.

Light kino’ing is about right. Maybe 2 – 3 light touches. Not 5 – 6.

Kino’ing that works on the street:

Hand shake

Touch fingers light

Touch hair light only if she’s shown signs of attraction through her body language.

Hand lightly on upper arm for 1.5 secs. 2 -3 seconds if she has shown signs of attraction.

Touch jacket lightly if she has shown signs of attraction.

Statements of Interest / Intent may include:

“You look very, very nice”

“You have nice eyes….nice hair”

On close “I like your….(figure / hips / legs / look etc)”

Elvis the pelvis had heaps of it. Charm and charisma!


I’ve been doing Daygame for about 1 full year now and, I realised something today when I was sarging…..

listen for the topic and, riff off, of it until you hook?!.!?!

I’m a fucking dumb ass!

Just thought you should know.

Was hooking like mad today which included a early 20’s russian broad.

I was in Daygame heaven today.

Younger then her….Russian.

Instant Date

Hi there fellow daygamer.

I made another discovery on the weekend’s sarge.

About to drop another golden nugget.

Are you ready?!

How to Instant Date close;

Step 1, Have a 7 to 10 minute interaction with the Hot Babe.

To do this, she needs to be talking while you shutup and, listen.

Parroting and, vacuuming helps with this. That is you repeat her last words back to her and, listen.

Once you have the set upto around 7 minutes then you close for a coffee around the corner.

I found if the set duration is 5 minutes, it’s not enough but if it’s around 7 to 10 minutes then she will accept your invite for a coffee then and, there on the spot.

Stay thirsty my friend’s

Dropping golden nugget’s my friend?!