Sexual Tension

This is my first post in a while so apologies. Just been working and, doing lot’s of Front Stops 😁

Had some dates with some stunners. I’ve also been trying to maintain or up my value (artificially inflate it thru game).

I was also trying out some Mode 1 stuff over the phone for the seduction stage. Trying to bypass the dating part.

Here’s what I have learnt so far.

A.) Ross Jefferies is right about bursting the sexual tension bubble when you overtly talk about sex.

B.) Love Drop aka Chris Odom is correct about the key being ‘spontaneity’ is what women want when it comes to the F close.

C.) Love Drop is correct about women wanting ‘plausible deniability’ when it comes to the F close.

D.) Nick Krauser is correct about women having a ‘Timeline’. LMR occurs when you are pushing for the F close ahead of her timeline. Or as Mystery says “the game is played in comfort”.

This is where I think Mode One can work. Hear me out for a moment. I’m now about to make the arguement supporting the ‘Radical Honesty’ concept with girls.

I think about 15% of women are R select. With those type of girls I found overt sexualised speech can be used as Attraction material. It does work to attract the girl but you still have to do comfort when you meet her. You still have to have some value which shows up or doesn’t on the F date.

R select women still have their timeline and, it’s different for all women.

R select women know your casual sex material and, not a prospect for a relationship before the lay has occured. They might wiggle of the hook if a relationship type guy comes along. Hence missing out on the lay.

The R select girl still has to be somewhat available. (Krauser “most girls are not available”.)

How to pick the R select type on the street?

Long floppy hand hold. Allows the proximity to be encroached. Direct eyes plus smile and maybe giggle. Laughs at everything you say.

Note: I have not tried Mode one on the street. I don’t recommend it. I have tried it over the phone on R select girls who have invested on the text first.

Some Peacocking during a Daygame set!

How to Tease and, challenge

1. Say what you see and ‘twist’ it.

2. Say what your thinking in the moment.

3. Say what your feeling in the moment.

4. Recognise that the moment comes….and it goes. Grab onto the new moment and, express it out loud.

Women are attracted to men who freely emote verbally.

The morning after the lay. Couple weeks ago.

Fools mate

These are my thoughts on Mode One and, Pickup.

I think most women’s threshold for “comfort” sit somewhere in the middle.

To paraphrase Steve Jabba “Every womens comfort level is different. Some need more comfort, some need less. Some don’t need any comfort at all and, will just fuck”.

The Mystery Method writes “To begin with Seduction first is Fools mate”.

I think only a tiny number of girls are “Yes girls” which Mode One would work on. Even then they are gonna want some comfort afterwards and, would probarly ghost you once you go down a gear to comfort building.

All the girls I fucked on the first or second date ended up ghosting me afterwards.

I think it’s because of “Buyers Remorse”.

The pro’s and, con’s of both sides of the coin?

Overt direct Mode one communication;

Pros = Filters out Time Wasters. Filters for Yes girls.

Cons = Buyers Remorse. She wriggles of the hook before you’ve fucked her, a “Maybe girl” that is.

Covert Indirect Direct communication;

Pros = Comfort building, ongoing sex, socially acceptable.

Cons = Waste time on dates to nowhere with Timewaster types.

Ross Jeffries said “You burst the sexual tension bubble when you go overt”.

He said “women are attracted to sexual tension”. “Women are attracted to the anticipation of getting laid”.

My thoughts are this;

We are talking about biology and, millions of years of human evolution.

As The Mystery Method book states;

Back when we were cave men. The women wants to know that if she gets knocked up by you. That cave man you with a big stick will hang around to protect her and, the bun in her oven from the saba tooth tiger.

She doesn’t know it to be sure, she just feels it. Buyers remorse. It’s hard wired into her hind brain. Millions of years of evolution.

That’s why Tom Torero said “The crem dela crem of pickup is somewhere between indirect and, direct language”.

Indirect, Direct. Or it should be refered to as Direct, Indirect.

That is your Direct with your eyes, subcommunication and, touch. Your Indirect with your verbals.

Your On with your subcommunication and, physical. Your Off with your words.

If you have to be On verbally then you can use innuendo or NLP.

My conclusion is that a Venesian artist should always practice “Solid game”.

Solid game is hard. Always consistently work on your value and, open. Do the numbers. It will make you better at your set and, reading the women. Numbers overcomes all.

On value, hit the gym loose the weight. Keep it off. Stop drinking.

Could be your next date?!

Tom Torero

As everyone knows Tom Torero has passed away and, is no longer with us.

God rest his soul.

This post is about my thoughts on the guy and, what I thought about him when I was learning Daygame.

Being an older guy and, recently new to pickup, I’ve only really been doing it on and off for about 1 and, half years now.

These are my thoughts.

The guy was genuinely telling the truth with all his material that he sold online.

I never knew the guy or met him but, I think he wanted every guy to genuinely succeed with their dating and, love life.

He was the real deal, no bullshit when it came to giving out real advice on the truth of male female intersexual dynamics.


What I’ve learnt about people over my life time is that most people can’t handle the TRUTH.

I think that’s why alot of people in and, outside the pickup community (if there is one) tried to discredit him.

We might not like to hear the raw TRUTH but that’s what made Tom credible on the subject matter of Daygame.

He appeals too guys like myself who had written themselves off with the opposite sex.

Only to discover Tom’s teaching’s and, raw TRUTH was I able to get myself back in the game again.

As Tom said himself, he was into the purity of the science behind male female dynamics and, the redpill.

As he said himself, you can’t twist the REAL science and, redpill truths to suit your agenda.

That’s what I LOVE about Tom. His honesty on the subject matter.

The only other guy who has that same integrity is Nick Krauser.

Because I’m new to Daygame, I’m sure there are alot of other London Daygame guys who go quitely under the radar who don’t get a mention but have contributed to Tom’s work including Nick Krauser.

It really is sad to see that a bloke has to die to finally get the recognition he deserves.

I’m still in shock from the loss of a great man who took on the left and, the world with his Daygame adventures.

He showed us what is possible when we venture out of our comfort zones and, face our own fears.

His book ‘Street Hustle’ (credit some of it to Nick Krauser and, the London daygame guys) is by far an outstanding text book for all the fundamentals and, principals of Daygame ever put out.

That’s just my opinion. Like Dirty Harry says “Opinions are like assholes and, everybody’s got one”.

I think the best way to keep Tom’s legacy alive is think of what Tom would do everytime you sweat it out in the gym to maintain your value or do a front stop / side stop / karate stop etc.

Every date you achieve etc, think of Tom.

Yes do Daygame for yourself first but think of Tom Torero when your out on the streets grinding away.

Just to leave you with a little excerpt from his book ‘Daygame’ that spoke volumes of his charm and, charisma that not only seduced women but seduced us students of he’s.

“Opened a hot leaflet girl in Leicester Square (giving flyers for a Brazil game in a pub), dressed in yellow and black. I said she was a bumble bee, nicer then wasps etc. Two minutes into the chat a bee landed on her….she screamed and ran off”.

Date night

Tomorrow I have a Date 1 lined up with an American HB8.

Street stop: Hand was floppy, proximity was allowed and, eyes were on.

She also invested.

Over the texting, she invested alot and, asked me out for a date. Don’t know if the polarity is fucked or not. Will find out on the date as I’m gonna run seduction only.

Why you ask seduction only….!!!

Why not deep connection and, comfort like what’s written in The Mystery Method.

Mystery’s 7 hour rule on comfort covers about 2 dates, maybe 3.

Like cricket, your bowling and, batting according to the weather conditions. In particular the pitch.

Let me give the analogy first and, then the Daygame theory.

In cricket if the pitch is wet then the ball will bounce of the surface in all soughts of wild directions. Hence making it hard for the batsman to score runs and, stay in.

This makes it easier for the bowler to get the batsman out and, stop runs from being scored.

Of course if the opposite weather conditions are true then the dry pitch suits the batsman and, not the bowler.

In Daygame there’s this concept of R/K theory. K meaning the girl doesn’t root outside a monogamous relationship.

R meaning she does.

I think this girl is a yes girl. I think she’s R.

Like Tom Torero says in his book Street Hustle “You got to burn your boats mission”.

He means fearless, relentless escalation. As the PUA Sixty Years of Challenge wrote.

I’ll let you know how I go. That is whether I crash and, burn or, I hit a home run?!



I’ve been doing Daygame for about 1 full year now and, I realised something today when I was sarging…..

listen for the topic and, riff off, of it until you hook?!.!?!

I’m a fucking dumb ass!

Just thought you should know.

Was hooking like mad today which included a early 20’s russian broad.

I was in Daygame heaven today.

Younger then her….Russian.