To Conquer

I realise now why we Men do Daygame. Why we toil on the streets with AA, the spotlight and, rejection.

Why we take the pain deep in our hindbrain from flaky women.

Why we feel the sting from her ghosting us after sex but we still persist with Daygame.

Why we persist after near misses.

Why we burn our boats.

Why we Daygame?!!!!!!

It’s to conquer the women.

You see the women represent’s the mountain. We must overcome and, persist until we have conquered it.

It’s the challenge we thrive on.

That is our drug and, it’s never ending like a rubix’s cube to solve.

We just keep going around in circles.

Just another set……..

The reward?

A night with a beautiful baby!

To follow in the footsteps of Trent from the movie ‘Swingers’,

That was so fuckin' money. It was like
that "Jedi mind" shit.

That's what I'm telling you, baby. The
babies love that stuff. They don't want
all that sensitive shit. You start
talking to them about puppy dogs and ice
cream. They know what you want. What do
you think? You think they don't?

I know. I know.

They know what you want, believe me.
Pretending is just a waste of time.
You're gonna take them there eventually
anyway. Don't apologize for it.
I'm just trying to be a gentleman, show
some respect...

Respect, my ass. They respect honesty.
You see how they dress when they go out?
They want to be noticed. You're just
showing them it's working. You gotta get
off this respect kick, baby. There aint
nothing wrong with letting them know that
you're money and that you want to party.

‘Right’ Trent DHVing himself before the F close.

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  1. Man, I’d like to hear the story that lead up to this realization. It might be a long one but it’s be good.


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